Wii U Exclusives To Look Forward To In 2014

"Nintendo has had it hard for some time with the word going around about why their new console won't win the race this time especially because of delayed titles or lacking quality games or no title announces at all. But avast ye! The future is not so vexing and overcast as the internet might have led a lot o' ye to believe."

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Dunban671572d ago

Nintendo has not said all of those games are set for 2014 - matter of fact they have only confirmed about 3 of them ( not including e shop games) for 2014 - maybe some of those other games will make it in 2014 maybe all of them or maybe none of them - this time last year most people were expecting several of these games to be released in 2013 - Nintendo had that big January direct to get everyone fired up - they just did not include the part that those games would be 2014 or 2015 ( we hope by then)

NeoTribe1571d ago

1. Furry things 5.
2. Grand theft kindergarden.
3. Mr cuddles adventures.
4. My little pony.
5. Mario 37.
6. Gears of fluffy stuff.
7. Last of U.
8. PreCharted
9. Mortal Kombat Kakefight.
10. Halo, Combat Removed.