Layoffs Hit Ghost Games' UK Office, Unannounced NFS Title Mothballed

The Guildford, Surrey offices of Ghost Games, a branch of the relatively recently re-branded EA Gothenburg studio responsible for Need for Speed: Rivals, was hit by layoffs this week and development on a new, unannounced Need for Speed title put on hold, multiple sources tell Polygon.

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yewles11629d ago Show
XiSasukeUchiha1629d ago

Damn EA why can u listen to your customers!

hiredhelp1629d ago

Yeh with Ubisoft getting there Game together I really dont get what EA is doing...

bobsmith1629d ago

NFS has been doing good. i thought they should of done nfs most wanted 2 this yr and rivals 2 next year like cod new open world every year and new cars instead of new maps and guns.

Jdoki1629d ago


So Criterion split, and a load of the guys go to Ghost to make NFS games... And almost immediately get hit with layoffs!

Something doesn't make sense here.

With the Criterion founders also leaving EA must be pissing everyone off.

deadfrag1629d ago

Yeah something is not working has it should.The head fouders of Criterion left and i remember the head chief of Ghost Studios coming up and saying everything was fine for the future.....and now we see this.EA has no respect for the employers and destroying studios is with them.Lets hope some of this work force been Layoff can go to the new studio that is going to be open and run buy Criterion founders.

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