Watch the Super Bowl with Nintendo TVii, enter for a chance to win a special Nintendo jersey

Those who watch the Super Bowl with Nintendo TVii tomorrow can enter for a chance to win a special, limited edition Nintendo jersey.

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browngamer411625d ago

Nice! Nintendo could use more of these promotions for Nintendo TVii-I use the play option while watching football all the time and it's awesome!

yugovega1624d ago

i'm in on this as well. nintendo, now is a perfect time to run a superbowl wiiu ad. hint hint. maybe even end it with a new slogan "U should be N"

DC7771624d ago

Yeah right. All we will probably get is this

AnEwGuY1624d ago

I guess Nintendo didn't hear : the XBOX One is the official console of the NFL. Plus, you can play Madden 25, and watch the SB at the same time on the X1.

R00bot1624d ago

You can do that on the Wii U, but better. No need to split your TV up with that "snap" feature.

AnEwGuY1624d ago

LOL...yes, no need to split my 55" TV up, when I can instead use a tiny 6" screen, and only be able to focus on one or the other, rather than both on the same screen.

Nice try...but you might want to try thinking before posting next time.

R00bot1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

lol 55"
Also, one of the two things you're multitasking on the XBO will have to have a smaller screen anyway, and the TV is further away, so it the smaller of the two you're multitasking would end up being smaller than 6" relative to the distance you are from your TV.

Focusing on both is a non-issue, same as focusing on both on the XBO isn't a problem.

And you hold the gamepad, like, 30 cm away from your face. It's bigger when it's closer. Hell, mine is bigger than my TV when I hold it any closer than 3 foot away from me.

Nice try... but you might want to try thinking before posting next time.

AnEwGuY1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

That is such a ridiculous comment...I almost can't believe you're serious.

And "lol 55" ?? Yes, I have a Samsung KN55S9C 55" Curved OLED, purchased from the Best Buy Magnolia store in Atlanta (Buckhead), GA. LOL indeed.... have fun with your little toys.

iplay1up21624d ago

R0O is right. I would rather play on my Wii U gamepad. I do it all the time when the TV is on. Watching a game. I also like TVii.

mshope101624d ago

I can love playing games on the gamedad and watching football at the same nice cause on wii u Its separate so I can. Share the tv.