GTA V Next-Gen Release Date Leaked

A Czech Republic gaming site called Super Gamer has listed GTA V for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One for a June 13, 2014 release date.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

i waited on GTA5 and Diablo3 =) for my PS4

Ubisolft better hurry up and release Watchdogs b4 ppl once again get ready to buy GTA5

iGAM3R-VIII1484d ago

I didn't get GTA V for my PS3 as well because I knew it was coming for my PS4. I am waiting on the GTA alike Watch DOgs as well now.

vishmarx1484d ago

is it not like 200th rumour though?

ZodTheRipper1484d ago

But this is a Czech retailer, you can't get more confirmation than that.

Anarki1483d ago

Am I missing something, why not get D3 for PC?

People will rebuy GTA5 solely to try out their new consoles and check the differences between the 2. I have it on the PS3 and will rebuy it for the PS4.

parentoftheyear1483d ago

Ya. It will either be retail ps4 game which is what I prefer or will be on PS now. Either is ok with me but would enjoy current gen if possible didn't they say "its next gen to us" but would would pass on the kind of cash flow with little effort.

minimur121483d ago

shouldn't the title be 'next gen version of GTA V leaked' lol I had no idea a next gen was coming out, I knew about rumours and 'hints' from dev's but thats it lol

Pro Racer1483d ago

I have no doubt that GTA V is incoming to next gen, but that PC boxart can't be legit. GFWL is getting axed this summer, no way it would be included with GTA V.

kingfetish171483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

I'll wait for a R* confirmation...

I would rebuy a PS4 version if/when it reaches the Greatest Hits price range. Preferably $20 or lower. Already paid $80 for the PS3 Special Edition. Haven't regretted it. Already Level 75 online. Fun single & multiplayer!

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Bathyj1484d ago

Screw that noise. I wouldn't have waited a year to play one of the best games of the year while everyone else playing and taking about how good it was. I'll just play it again.

All I ask is for a Ps3 to Ps4 upgrade deal please.

Tru_Blu1484d ago

It would only work for those that got digital versions. The discs didn't have upgrade codes in them to verify the purchase.

Chard1484d ago

I'd buy it again if I could transfer my save file over

KrisButtar1484d ago

@ Tru_Blu

"It would only work for those that got digital versions. The discs didn't have upgrade codes in them to verify the purchase."

FF14 retail didn't have codes in them and when it releases for the PS4 there is an upgrade program. You just need to put the disc into the PS4 I believe.

pkb791484d ago

@KhrisButtar Not that best example as FF 14 is a MMO with a monthly subscription. If your paying a sub then the game client should be free. If you dont have an account then you have to buy the game first.

Totally different system to the current ps3 - ps4 upgrade scam. I say scam only because I feel current digital copywriter law heavily if not entirely favors game publishers.

I feel any content that we buy should be available for any device/format we want it on without having to replay. Thats not going to happen though so lets all enjoy paying again for games some of us have owned for over 15 years.

Bathyj1484d ago

So you feel if you bought a movie on DVD they should just give you a bluray now?

Or why not let you download all your old pink Floyd vinyls from the iTunes store?

You got what you played for when you bought it. You have no right to any new product they, release later. If they mean that much to you keep your old system or game on pc.

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Magicite1484d ago

Until I hear official statement from Rockstar, could not care less.

jessupj1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Thank you for using the correct phrase "could NOT care less".

Bubble up for you good sir.

mt1484d ago

it is not worth the waiting for me. die-fan for GTA but when I finished the story mode I never played the game again. I don't think I'll play it again for better graphic. you are good at waiting though. I don't think I can wait this much for GTA games.

dale_denton1483d ago

hope i can upgrade for $10...

3-4-51483d ago

ehh. Played it a loved it for like 5 days then I finally woke up and realized how overrated it was.

Go into it thinking it will be just ok and you may enjoy it.

ZombieKiller1483d ago

I hope I can play with my crew on PS3 if I have the PS4 copy. I know it's a stretch, but if not I'll keep the PS3 copy. I'm leader of a 16 man crew I wouldn't give up for the world of people I know in real life. They make GTA Online fun for me.

Whoever waited, I hope this rumor is true, you're missing out. I love this game.

showtimefolks1483d ago

Bought it and really enjoyed it

will buy it again and will really enjoy it again. I hope for next gen consoles the player count for online is raised to a lot more than 16

its such a huge open world game that having 16 players limit is just no fun. I hope its like 50 plus or even 60 plus

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XiSasukeUchiha1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Damn PS4 and xbone version are going to be awesome

Muffins12231484d ago

If its anything like gta 4 it wont........

Jovanian 1484d ago


Well GTA 4 as it is now is a better experience on PC than it is on console, so I suppose yes in fact it will be awesome on PC

LAWSON721484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

32 people in denial lol. I doubt this is any kind of confirmation

HystericalGamez1484d ago

Everyone who disagreed seems to have forgotten about that HQ Texture pack that came out for GTA IV that makes it look almost better/better than GTA V. Once there's a good Texture and Lighting pack, the Console guys (I have GTA V on both of my Consoles) are going to be pretty upset.

SilentNegotiator1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

*in 2017 when it has received a bunch of updates, mods to fix issues, and plays well on more than just higher end hardware due to poor optimization

...that's what you put an asterisk for, right?

ambientFLIER1483d ago

GTAV doesn't really need a texture pack. It DOES, however, desperately need some anti-aliasing and a locked 30fps. I like the game on my 360, but it's very quick to go from a gorgeous setting to a jaggy slow eyesore in traffic.

Wizard_King1483d ago

don't worry mate this is N4G, where 720p and 1080p look better that 2k and 4k and mobs of both PS and Xbox fanboys click agree or disagree as a hive mind without thinking.

We all know it will be better on PC, good luck getting any of them to admit it.

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Starbucks_Fan1484d ago

They just want hits, this has to be fake.

No_Limit1484d ago

Getting this for my PS4, if true.

x8001484d ago

June release? that's a long wait! Still awaiting for a march release. Nothing has been confirmed yet though. I'll just get watch dogs then for PC as rockstar are taking the p out of PC gamers.

FragMnTagM1483d ago

I think at least 27 people care.. lol

cr33ping_death1483d ago

you cared enough to post,soooo....