Will Lightning Returns Hurt Final Fantasy XV Sales?

OnlySP: I got some hot reactions to a certain rant about Lightning and how I couldn’t figure out how she had been the catalyst for the destruction of the once legendary franchise. They all missed the point. Some tried to make it about gender, some tried to make it about me, others tried to muddy the waters, but nobody could answer for the fact that Final Fantasy is in trouble with a capital T and that trilogy got it there.

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Kingthrash3601575d ago

if anything FFXV will hurt FFXIII sales...imo at least

PockyKing1575d ago

I kinda thing it will, potentially, considering those who don't read gaming news all the time. I think just having the Final Fantasy name attached to this project will create some bad taste considering it might not be a great game.

(Didn't write the article btw)

cleft51575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

The game isn't out yet, so lets not judge the game as being bad before it even comes out. A lot of people actually like the FF13 series and are looking forward too 13-3, myself included. On top of that, if 13-3 is terrible or whatever, FFXHD is coming out in March so that will wash away any bad memories of 13-3. Add to that the fact that all it takes is 1 amazing demo of the game at E3 to hype the hell out of people for FF15 and you will see that 13-3 will have no affect on FF15 at all.

Irishguy951575d ago

Being saying this for years, but no matter what happens, it only takes one good trailer with good timing to build the hype back up to the max. An example being E3.

DragonKnight1575d ago

13-3 is our right now in Japan and can be judged. The ending, for example, is absolutely terrible. It's actually the worst thing to happen to FF since FF2's leveling system.

AsimLeonheart1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

The Lightning Saga has definitely tarnished the brand name of Final Fantasy and Square. Up till FFXII, Final Fantasies were one of the highest rated and highest selling JRPGs. An RPG fan could buy Final Fantasy with his eyes closed without doubting its quality. After the Lightning Saga (and FFXIV), people are sceptical of anything called Final Fantasy, even FFXV. People now do not buy FF games on brand name alone. FFXV will have to work hard prove itself.

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cleft51575d ago

Just another lame click bait article. Because why write anything intelligent when you can come off like an idiot and get people to click on your site.

DragonKnight1575d ago

Would my translation be correct?

"I like the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and am sick of the majority of people hating on it no matter the justifiable reasons for doing so so I'm going to call the author an idiot who's writing flamebait articles in an effort to defend the FFXIII trilogy."

Bing translated it for me so sorry if the language is inaccurate.

PockyKing1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Do you even know what click bait is? It's articles without a point and with an outlandish title. Nobody forced you to click on the link so why waste your time with a comment like that? There's an opinion here and just because you disagree with it you call it click bait, makes sense.

DragonKnight, that was perfect lol.

MightyNoX1575d ago


Bing? Psh! Should have used Babel fish. Yours skipped over a few 'waah waahs' sound effects.

Xof1575d ago


Everything Square-Enix has ever done will hurt FFXV's sales, because SE has proven itself surprisingly incompetent when it comes to developing good games.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1575d ago

@Xof Bravely Default is pretty good.

Xof1574d ago

Bravely Default is good.
But it wasn't developed by Square-Enix. Bravely Default was developed by Silicon Studio (the same people who made 3D Dot Game Heroes).

Square Enix has published a lot of really good games, but the only good games they've actually developed are either remakes of older Square or Enix IP, or Final Fantasy XII (which was only mostly good due to being developed partly before the merger, and all the bad aspects of the game can be linked directly to the merger).

k2d1575d ago

"Lightning" will hurt FFXV sales.

3-4-51575d ago

Hopefully once people play FF15, they will be like " Uhhh Why did we ever play FF13, what did we see in that game? "

Letthewookiewin1574d ago

Well my take is, with the FF13 saga square won't make such an impact and create as many new fans. I'm 32 and was fortunate enough to remember playing FF1 with my dad after school and homework, and playing every US released FF since. Been hooked. People coming into the series for the first time during this time in the FF franchise are being exposed to a transitional period and it's in my opinion only so so and that's ok. I like the 13 series, but I don't love it. Can't wait for 15 it's going to be a new direction from what I've seen. Square hasn't hit rock bottom they just took the wrong direction. That sometimes has to happen for something to evolve. Example, if something always works you can be lazy and never change it, or you can take the risk and try something new. Sometimes win, sometimes fail. I'm glad 13 is going to be over, people will move on to 15, testing Square. If 15 is good and Square took the right direction people will buy it regardless of 13's fumbles.

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Relientk771575d ago

It probably will unfortnately

Kingthrash3601575d ago

it might not be...but it looks was my game of e3. from the looks anyway, and we know rpg gamers are a different breed of gamer. alot of things matter in a rpg from story to battle system to character development. from how things look, the battle system looks interesting the characters look bada$$ and the game is beautiful. all thats left to be seen is story and character development.
u gotta admit ffXV looks like the rpg that will bring square back to its hey day...but all is to be seen, heres hoping its as great as it looks.

cleft51575d ago

FF15 does look great and it is definitely going to appeal to a lot of people. I find it disheartening how people feel the need to step all over the FF13 series. I am looking forward to 13-3 as well, already have my preorder in.

PoSTedUP1575d ago

i never played FF when i was younger, the last 4 years ive played played a little of 7, a quater of 12, a few weeks ago i bought FF9 and i have to say: it really is amazing, so far i am very blown away and immersed into it, its just my kinda game. ill be finishing this one for sure then working my way back to 7 (9-8-7). from what i understand SE are not the same anymore.

wild arms, wild arms XF, chrono cross (just wow), ff9, legend of mana and blade dancer is what im currrently playing atm, im glad i chose not to miss out on these.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1575d ago

No. Final Fantasy being garbage will hurt XV sales. There hasn't been a good FF game since the days of the PS1. I'll be skipping XV much like I skipped FF13. That series is dead (just like the Tales series) now.

Snookies121575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Your loss then, XV looks like it's going to be freaking phenomenal. How you can't see that based on last E3's footage, I don't understand. It's also headed by a much more capable man than previous entries since X.

Also, lol at Tales being dead... We're getting 3 new Tales games this year! It's more popular than ever, and has every right to be. They're great games that seem to be getting more polished with every entry.

MightyNoX1575d ago

Not to mention the previous entry outsold both XII-2 and LR in Japan.

DragonKnight1575d ago

And DmC was a FANTASTIC game. /s

Sevir1575d ago

I quite enjoyed DmC, it's meta rating says it's a pretty solid and enjoyable game, however, His opinions of FFXV and the Tales series are a laugh and a half! As the Tales Franchise is at an all time high, and FFXV's showing was particularly strong even after being in development and jumping a whole new platform 7 years later.

Elda1575d ago

DmC was a good game despite what the haters say,playing it again from having the great PS+!

DragonKnight1574d ago

@Sevir: It's fine that you enjoyed DmC, but I can show you a video of someone playing DmC with one hand. For a Devil May Cry game, that's unforgiveable.

DmC, on its own, is something you'd expect out of Ninja Theory after Heavenly Sword. Lazy development, barely an average game and appealing mostly to people with a passing familiarity with what Devil May Cry as a series is but mostly shunned by those who know better.

As a Devil May Cry game, DmC is an abomination. And that's where it shares a similarity with the FF13 trilogy.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1575d ago

@My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante You have an abnormal taste in games.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1575d ago

No I doubt it. XIII pulled off 7mil. This game looks better in a couple aspects characters,gameplay, cant say much on the story or OST for now. I doubt XIII has tainted the FF name that much that ppl wont buy the next main entry.

DragonKnight1575d ago

XIII-2 pulled half that and LR looks to be pulling less than XIII as well.

I don't think LR will hurt XV's sales because the only people who wouldn't buy it due to FFXIII are people who read the news about these games and they'll already know that XV is nothing like the XIII trilogy anyway

Fans have been waiting for XV, they've been wishing for XIII trilogy to end.

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