Crazy PS Vita Bargain: $99 at Best Buy

Acoording to NeoGaf user andylsun, you can grab a PS Vita right now at Best Buy for only $99.

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Festano1654d ago

Great initiative and great price to buy now.

Alexious1654d ago

I'm a bit jealous, I've spent almost double the price last Christmas and only got an additional 8GB memory card and 3 Months of PS +...

chasegarcia1654d ago

bought it new at launch with 32gb memory.....not even mad.

Kriandis1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

How do we know it is not a prank? Remember this.

If you have never heard of the artist Banksy look up his work and watch his documentary now.

3-4-51654d ago

Damn....checked online and their website doesn't even list it as part of the " Deal of the Day" can anybody confirm this is accurate and not some typo from bestbuy or something.

In store only then ?

I was about to drive up to Best Buy in these Crappy winter conditions...

TheUltimateGamer1654d ago

Ooo.. I've been thinking about getting one. I suppose now is the time.

JoGam1654d ago

Why are you still here? Go!

admiralvic1654d ago

Yup. I really wish these wouldn't get posted, since you could make so many articles (or simply make them up) about insane deals only possible at 1 or more stores.

AnEwGuY1654d ago

Nothing crazy about's not selling, because there's not enough games, so retailers are trying to dump their stock. It's a no-brainer that Sony should have an optional $500 PS4/Vita bundle, but they're too stubborn to do it.

KonsoruMasuta1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

That's because they would lose money on that. They already cut money off the price of a Vita. A 500 Vita and PS4 bundle would mean cutting more money off the price.
Depending on how that sells, it may take a while to make that money back or they might not even make it back at all.

AnEwGuY1654d ago

How exactly would they lose money?? At WORST Sony would be selling the Vita at cost with a $500 PS4 bundle, unless you think Best Buy is somehow willing to lose money on the Vita just to dump stock. Sony can lie all they want about why they switched from OLED to LCD....but intelligent people know it was to dramatically lower their mfg. cost. It was NOT because LCD magically started looking better than, or even as good as, OLED. There's no way the Vita can't be manufactured for $100, with it's current tech.

Withdreday1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

The Vita is priced at $199 for a reason, not just sh%ts and giggles. It cost a bit to make and they still have to give a cut of that to retailers for selling it.

You can't just gave the things away just because they're not selling how you want. You'll go bankrupt in no time flat.

Something tells me you flunked economics 101...

jspillen1654d ago

You are incorrect... they're releasing the new model in the US... and cleaning out stock to avoid model confusion.

Alexious1654d ago

I think it's coming. Also, there are games and sales are up.

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Gridloc1654d ago

It's not 99 it's 199...

NegativeCreep4271654d ago

Dammit it's the Wi-Fi only model, not the Wi-Fi/3G model. Yep knew it was too good to be true.

MatrixxGT1654d ago

Sad that the vita is in the mix of crap nobody buys. Damn you shitty smartphones!

drizzom1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

I checked Best Buys online website and I didn't see any prices for the vita at $99.

NVM didn't see the post below. Called and it aint happening in my area :(.

Snookies121654d ago

Yeah, it's $199 for me too.

Fixay1654d ago


The 3G version is pretty much pointless. Just get a WiFi version and tether it with your phone. Many people have been doing this, however if it was a 4G version i'd understand

Alexious1654d ago

This is not about the website, but about local stores, possibly just a few of them.

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