Black Tusk Studios' focus on Gears of War is disappointing

GameZone: "Big things were coming from Black Tusk Studios. Microsoft knew this. That’s why they trust the Vancouver studio to work on both—

Oh. Wait. They’re only working on Gears of War?"

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hello121659d ago

Why ignore the good franchises just bring them back if fans want them. I don't see what the issue is with that?

Its up to other studios not Microsoft to create new IPS, but i see Microsoft being more involved than ever before helping those studios, bring out new IP's.

I also think for does Sony fans who have never played Gears. There is 50/50 chance the new Gears will appear on PC.

Microsoft may be more keen than Epic was, afterall the first Gears was on PC.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1659d ago

I fully agree.

I can't wait to get Gears on my XB1, that announcement made me very very happy. Bring on Horde v3.0!!!

georgeenoob1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

It's not disappointing if you're a gears fan. I'm so hyped for next gears, especially since it was my favorite series from last gen.

It seems the only people "disappointed" are the people who don't even own an X1 and are just trying to nitpick MS.

Insomnia_841659d ago

I believe the only reason why M$ bought Gears is to try and get back the fans they lost this gen. Gears going multiplatform would've been disastrous for MS.

LexHazard791659d ago

You make it seem like its a bad thing! Gears help make the Xbox brand what it is today! Its only right it stays on Xbox anyway. Its not like PS needs it!

Im excited to see what they do with the extra horsepower! Gears on XB1 gonna be sick!

Sitdown1659d ago

Um don't most companies bring back their games for their fan base? And how do you know they lost their fanbase?... Alot of their fan base were late adopters.... Perhaps they will be late adopters this time around as well. There is no proof that it going multiplatform would have been disastrous..... could have been time exclusive, exclusive doc, etc...

Sayai jin1659d ago

MS have taken steps to improve their internal studios. The need to continue to move in the direction of getting good devs/studios. Some are disappointed with Black Tusk focusing on the Gears title first. The new IP has not been cancelled, but rather put on hold. I would rather them put it on hold and get the proper time and attention to the new IP. When the next gears is done MS needs to ensure and fully support them on the new IP.

do not think too many Gears fans are disappointed. Honestly, if you look at Gears Judgment and the backlash from Gears Heads. A good majority of the gamers went back to the Gears of 3, because Gears J was became more loke a COD/Halo like twitch shooter and lost what made Gears well Gears. They even got rid of the locust. wth

Sy_Wolf1659d ago

Microsoft could have had a different internal studio working on Gears. They didn't need to can whatever Blacktusk was working on.

hellzsupernova1659d ago

Sure fans want another gears of war. However the hope for a new ip that was as Microsoft put it the next gears or halo c'mon wouldn't you want another studio to do gears and have black tusk finish their halo rivalling game?

porkChop1659d ago

"Its up to other studios not Microsoft to create new IPS"

Uh, what? Microsoft is a platform holder. It IS their responsibility to create new IPs in addition to continuing their successful ones. Black Tusk Studios was formed with the best talent from around the world specifically to create new IPs that would push the Xbox brand forward, and now they're being forced to work on a franchise that could have been handled by one of Microsoft's other teams.

Automatic791659d ago

Wtf another website that wants five minutes of fame. Real lame. Wtf how is it disappointing this is gears of war. Black tusk will still create a new IP we just have to wait down the pipeline. Besides Xbox one already has some excellent IP's.

Note: RYSE was a solid game. Gamers support all new IP's so that we can see more throughout the years.

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Thepharaoh1659d ago

For all we know about the way that the studio is being run this could have been the plan along.

I doubt that Microsoft just assembled some of the biggest veterans from all across the industry without some sort of plan for what their upcoming games would be. And the people at the studio might have even volunteered to make this gears.

Besides Microsoft needs to attract people with proven franchises at the moment and it's not as though Microsoft doesn't have new ips in the works right now.

Hercules1891659d ago

Black Tusk is probably just in the brainstorming stages as to what they were going to do with the rumored spy game. They will probably return to it when they have more people on board, probably tripling what they have now. Microsoft were calling it a quadruple A game, and they spent many months working on it. I dont think they would just abandon it just for Gears.

Legacy2121659d ago

watch when the next god of war gets announced were going to see articles like "Why the PS4 Needs God Of War!" "Uncharted 4 on playstation will be the most orgasmic game you ever played" there is so much political hypocrisy going on. Microsoft cant bring back an old franchise but uncharted after 4 games (PSV Game included) get no back lash. Hypocrites

ZombieKiller1659d ago

PS fanboy right here dude.

Bring back Gears. I have all 4 of them and to tell you the truth, I enjoyed Judgement. I would go for another Gears of War in a heartbeat. Overun is just plain old fun and feels like a baby version of horde and multiplayer combined.

Oh and yes, God of War is awesome. It will be here, we NEED another one, and it will be orgasmic or whatever us fanboys apparently say.

Did you ever think the loyalty of some fanboys is spawned from the way they're treated from their company of choice? On top of that, some Sony Fanboys are saying that God of War needs a rest too. Not me. I like it, just like I like Gears of War. If you like it, why deny yourself?
Just because they disagree with you doesn't make them a fanboy. We're all gamers man.

king_george1659d ago

Same here man. Another thing i dont understand is if some people dont want a sequel then why not just u know... not buy it? I hate when people say they dont want another God of War, Gears of War, Uncharted, etc..., Then dont buy it!!! Let us who do want a sequel enjoy it jesus

Legacy2121659d ago

happy to see that not everyone here is riding the hate train. I have seen so many people argue here that gears has run its course but god of war still has life. I to cant wait to try the new uncharted game on my brothers ps4 and while I do agree they have to innovate for the new gears of war i dont think all this hate is warranted. As long as it isnt copy and pasted from the old gears and the add new interesting features i am gamed.

nukeitall1659d ago

Couldn't agree more. I love me some more Gears of War.

I enjoyed Gears 3 (played it the most next to Mass Effect series) and still playing Overrun on Gears of War Judgment.

I understand judgment is different, but it is still a fine game. I like a lot of the changes including the faster pace, easier weapon switching.

I don't see how it is "more" CoD.... It is nothing like CoD and requires a lot more strategy. That is why I love Gears. It's a shooter that requires more brain, and less finger skills.

GarrusVakarian1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

PS fanboy here too and the Horde mode from GoW 3 was one of my favourite MP modes of the entire generation.

Bring it on i say, the MP and Horde mode were so much fun (apart from being one shot killed with the sawed off, lol).


"On top of that, some Sony Fanboys are saying that God of War needs a rest too"

Im one of those people. It also needs a change too. So does Gears. They have to stay fresh while still being recognisable.

IG-881659d ago

I think that it is about them having Black Tusk stop work on the new IP to work on gears of war. Like the article said how it would have been good that they where working on a new IP and Microsoft's second most important franchise but now all they are doing is gears. fair or not MS has a perception of having only 3 or 4 IPs that they keep making and Sony does not. Sony also does not or has not openly make their devs only work on existing IPs such as making ND only work on Uncharted and I do think that there were people saying that we did not need god of war ascension so there is that too.

MightyNoX1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

@Legacy: Nice backtrack there, buddy. After calling people hypocrites. For your selective memory, Microsoft can't bring back an old IP if it sacrifices a new IP

And if we're playing that silly little game (you're so adorable, using the Vita to artificially inflate the number of Uncharted games) Halo had not 4, not 5 but NINE games (Halo 1-4, Reach, ODST, Spartan Assault, Wars, Anniversary)

Mathematically challenged hypocrite.

ZombieKiller1659d ago

@Mighty: Nice. That Vita version of Uncharted doesn't count. I'm talking about the full games on the main consoles. Not handhelds.

In that case, we only see a new God of War every 3 or 4 years or so. My point: WHO CARES how many games there are of the series! As long as they don't milk the cow like Cash of Duty, or outsource to idiots like Ninja Theory, I won't mind. Not sure how Tusk studios is, but we'll see.
Let's just say as a fan, the more, the better if done correctly.

king_george1659d ago

@ zombiekiller

Hell yes dude i wish more people thought like this. I dont care how many sequels there are as long as each one strives to be better than the last

Legacy2121655d ago

i never mentioned halo once in my arguement.... and yea vita one counts does it not expand on the uncharted universe as it is a prequel.

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thezeldadoth1659d ago

why are gaming fans constantly bitching about something. how long has it been since you've enjoyed gaming just for gaming rather than bitching about everything you can think about in the industry

PockyKing1659d ago

I'm actually very excited for a Gears of War on UE4. Judgment was a big disappointment for me over Gears 3, and I put hundreds of hours into 3. Probably the only game that's taken a lot of my time. As long as the MP is good, the campaign fun and the graphics great I'm good to go.

Metallox1659d ago

Geez... Unreal Engine 4. I forgot it. Can't wait to see what they can do that engine.

PockyKing1659d ago

My site has interviews lined up for 4 possibly 6 UE4 games coming out this year for the month of February. Mostly indie, but really excited to see what they have to share.

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