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Serena, a point-and-click story created by a multitude of indie studios, is the kind of game that leaves you dead silent upon completion. Emotions run high in this game, spurred on by a very eerie atmosphere and a progressively more disturbing protagonist, and the climactic finish will shut you up. The game is free and on Steam right now, so go grab yourself a download.

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megalonagyix1603d ago

Great, free game. Kinda short though, took me 42mins.

CelticGamer1603d ago

Ya we played through it last night for a Trial Run: 42 mins exactly.

megalonagyix1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

:) good review though

CelticGamer1603d ago

It's Brandt's first review for the site. He is our dedicated Free-2-Play reviewer.

MitchConcannon1603d ago

Game is surprisingly awesome.If you a spare hour in your life you have no excuse not to play it. It's free and not filled with any micro-transactions. Fun indie experiment.