How Nintendo Plans to Make Money Again

Kohler writes: "Nintendo’s path to continued prosperity is not chasing after whatever is currently hot, but attempting to identify an opportunity no one else is thinking of. CEO Satoru Iwata thinks he’s found it: Spinning off Nintendo’s line of self-help products like Wii Fit, Brain Age, and Personal Trainer: Cooking into their own product line, with a dedicated platform that is sold not as a game machine but as a device specifically for health and wellness."

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Christopher1630d ago

Not knowing too much about the Nintendo brand and how it has done overall with its IPs and hardware and the issues it has had, I felt this was a good write up and learned a lot from it.

RPG_Lover1630d ago

Nintendo is a god, and knows what to do

Locknuts1630d ago

Good work Nintendo. Keep that shit away from your gaming consoles. IMO the Wii and Wii U should have launched at similar times. The more expensive Wii U for the gamers and the Wii for the casuals.

R00bot1630d ago

No, that is a terrible idea. The Wii U would have been way ahead of its time, and subsequently horribly overpriced, and the Wii would have problems getting support (since the devs would just make Wii U games). That would mean Nintendo would never have had the massive success that was the Wii, and would have a lot less money (around the same as the Gamecube days).
It would also create a split in their fanbase, so both consoles would end up selling around half of their potential sales.
And there's no way Nintendo would be able to support both of them, one would be left to die.

So, no, I don't think your opinion was a good opinion XD

yugovega1629d ago

nintendo needs to create another mario bros cartoon series to get kids excited for mario again. perfect way to market the wiiu and 3ds. other companies have learned the value of this, wwe, sonic, spongebob, even duck dynasty is huge solely based on a tv series. if it could catch on like the original did, anything that had mario on it would fly off the shelves.