Silent Hill - Series Montage

Fifteen years ago, a horror franchise was born. Take a look at all the games in the series, back-to-back, in this special feature.

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Austin481601d ago

Wonder if they are working on a new silent hill game

NYC_Gamer1601d ago

I wouldn't want a new SH unless its being created by the original team

Pozzle1601d ago

Oh man, wouldn't that be amazing!

Can I live in the alternate universe where Team Silent never disbanded? :(

Mr Tretton1601d ago

1 and 2 were masterpieces. The others are dog shit. Fact.

Run_bare1600d ago

1, 2 and 3 (4 is OK), the rest are dog shit.

I enjoy 2 and 3 the most.

VTKC1600d ago

Silent hill 2 is my favourite. The story is one hell of a twist. One hell of a dark adventure. and the music! Lauras Theme.