New Duke Nukem Game To Be Announced?

Interceptor Entertainment is a group of hardcore Duke Nukem fans, mostly known for the remake of Duke Nukem 3D and Rise of the Triad. Now, they’ve put up a teaser which indicates that a new title involving the ass-kicking and bubble gum chewing hero might be on its way.

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contradictory877d ago

noooooooo....or possibly yeeeeesss?
caaan't teeeelll... also i just realized that sounds annoying. apologies to everyone

SlasherXI877d ago

So we will see this title in 2025?

-Foxtrot877d ago

It will launch with Half Life 3 apparently

ylwzx3877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

Yep.. lol

T1125P877d ago

Hail to the king, baby!

ChickenOfTheCaveMan877d ago

Duke Nukem Forever : Definitive Edition! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.