Remembering Silent Hill - Celebrating 15 Years of Horror

Rely on Horror: Today is Silent Hill's 15th anniversary. On this very day, the first game in the series released in North America, exciting and terrifying PlayStation owners and creating a following of fans that still exists to this day. Silent Hill is one of the originals. It's legacy has spawned many games that yearn to capture its unique brand of psychological/supernatural horror, but fail to do so.

Below, the staff of Rely On Horror has listed their favorite moments from the Silent Hill series (spoilers below). Please, let us know yours in the comments.

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Morgue1630d ago

Played Silent Hill last night such a classic game. I remember getting the PSM mag that had the demo disc and it was on there. 1999 seems like forever ago.

Matt6661630d ago

Silent hill 1-4 the best horror series ever, anything after that went down hill and every other horror game hasn't come close.