GTA: San Andreas on Windows Phone vs Original PC release

You may well be surprised just how good the mobile release of San Andreas stacks up to the original release on PC.

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donnieboy1626d ago

Looks the same to me...

OutcastMosquito1626d ago

Big difference actually. Rockstar even said that the best version is the mobile version believe it or not.

johny51626d ago

They need to release an enhanced version on the PS4 as an HD collection! Kinda how they did with the original XBOX...

porkChop1626d ago

Uh... these PC screens have the "widescreen" graphics option turned off. That's why the graphics look so stretched and blurred.

SneakyDoo1626d ago

When i play on my iPhone 5, it's completely optimized to look as good as Rockstar said it would. "The mobile version of San Andreas is the best looking version yet." The rendering distance is enhanced, the lighting is more dynamic and richer, the shadows are all parent and dynamic, and the textures are more sharper.

sungam3d1626d ago

I don't have a fancy samrt phone, so I've een trying to get SA to work on this BlueStacks android emulator.
Seems to work, but can't get in game.. YET.. But I can listen to all the sound tracks in the options menu.

However I got Carmageddon to work!
It's a 3d game, obviously not as hardware intensive as GTA, but still, it CAN play 3D games...