Slave to the Game: When Does Fun End and Work Begin?

Why do video games often make the odd transition from hobby to habit? Why play something if you no longer enjoy it? Here are three games that raise these questions through their writing and mechanics.

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DonDon1601d ago

Call of Duty is one of them. It's not even fun, has no strategy, requires no real skill, is ugly and has crappy unbalanced maps. Yet people keep buying and playing it

3-4-51601d ago

Yea I've stopped getting "good/great" at games or trying to at least.

You get to a wall/point where if your not doing great, you start getting angry and frustrated because you know you can do it, it's just not happening.

You start to get these false expectations that your somehow better than you are, and it just ruins the "fun" of the game.

It's not longer a game, it then becomes almost like a "chore" or something you do because but not because it's the thing you want to do most.

* Lots of FPS games are like this, DOTA and other MOBAs are as well.

* I've learned to just have fun and play at whatever level I'm comfortable with.

Because of this though, I've noticed my lack of drive for wanting to play " just one more" though so it has it's ups and downs and I guess that could be a benefit as well.

_FantasmA_1601d ago

I feel like a slave when I find myself staying up late to do pointless stuff with other slaves just to get a silly trophy in hopes of getting a virtual platinum that still equals nothing in real life. I think I'm done trophy hunting.

Chrisgamerguy1601d ago

I always have fun playing games. It's how I relax after my 8hr day at work.

n4gusername1600d ago

World of Warcraft....glad I left several years ago. It required time to compete. In CoD a person can kill a pro on day one. WoW was such a grind.

LaserEyeKitty1600d ago

While I agree that video games CAN be art, the mass majority of games available is not. I also agree that many games nowaday feel like a chore than a fun hobby. Games used to be a fun thing to do. I would received the same amount of satisfaction from a ten minute play session as I would from a weekend gaming binge.

Some people can play a game for months at a time - that's cool. I'm not like that. I plow through a game and I move on. Sad point is, I'm so back logged (as far back as PS1) that I have to force myself to play a game. I feel like I'm obligated to play a game - like a second job. Which is something that puts me in an odd place - I LOVE video games...but everytime I think about the hundreds of games I need to playthrough, I turn on netflix and let a several seasons of Futurama run as background noise while I curl up in a corner and sob.

JowiStinks1599d ago

As long as you're taking something away from the experience, I don't see it as a bad thing. :)