Entering the next-gen era of gaming

GamerHeadlines writes: 'As the course of gaming history progresses we can notice not one, but many titles (both AAA and indie) that can be called ‘a true masterpiece.’ It is not said that until today there weren’t any video games that have redefined the way we perceive gaming, but that the next gen gaming era we are entering will be one of the most exciting. The three main reasons for this are the moment games begun to tell a story, the moment indie games broke out and the moment in which the hardware became fast enough for games to pass the uncanny valley.'

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MWH1626d ago

the original Lara Croft look and attitude is the best.

MrDreadnought1626d ago

Ok I am all in favor of older and "retro'er" the better, but you can't be serious...

Grave1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Ya, I think when the PS5 and Xbox Two come out it will be really cool.

matt1391626d ago

The updated model doesn't display any form of emotion at all compared the original reboot. She is literally emotionless throughout the game. It really takes away the empathy aspect of the game.

il-JumperMT1626d ago

I loved Lara on PS3. Most realistic one not impossible proportions.