10 mind-melting BioShock Infinite Theories

By Mike Channell -

Hello Eurogamers! January's over and with it our half-hearted fitness plans. Back to the cosily familiar bum-shaped impression on our couch. And while there aren't that many proper games out, developers seem to be using the start of the year lull to flog us DLC for our existing library.

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TyBREAKR1659d ago

The greatest game of all time.

darren_poolies1659d ago

A great game for sure but the bets of all time? You're crazy bro.

DarthZoolu1659d ago

Its not even the best bioshock. 1 was better.

Disco Downey1659d ago

A solidly average game. Not a patch on the original

Mutant-Spud1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

A lot of it was aggravating and overly fiddly too, like the skyhook mechanic for example and the enemies were uninteresting compared to the splicers. The Andrew Ryan story at least made some sort of sense but the Infinite story is a mess and it's full of holes and silly 21st century Liberal tropes that don't fit the tone of the fiction.

TyBREAKR1658d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire game. I like how it wasn't as dark as the original. Great ending too. My opinion though.