Naruto Storm Revolution New Battle System Types

Developer CyberConnect2 is introducing a new battle system in their latest fighter, Naruto Storm Revolution.

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tayz1604d ago

this game looks like its gonna be beyond epic!! epicer than epic!

XiSasukeUchiha1604d ago

Battle system is definitely an improvement!

Shadonic1603d ago

So basically more changes to awakenings. It seems like the only things that improve with each installment are the climactic sequences and the roster. (cant say improvement on the new system until i try it) I really want some improvements on the combat and not just the same old new awakening or slightly changed kawarimi system. If the base combat was more complex than a simple button masher I feel as though a lot of these things wouldnt be problems today. Imagine how it would be if we could dodge in hand to hand combat and have the old school clashes from the earlier Naruto games or whats seen in Super smash flash. Theres so much that can be improved and made better but it seems like the consumer is ok with just a roster update at most.

Irishguy951603d ago

Stupid. Seems like they left out multiple awakenings from the last game just to save it for this. It was a no brainer to have a weaker flick and then full on awaken.

Shadonic1603d ago

its basically them rearranging things that were previously applied to other abilities like the rasengan from the first one and from the other games.

e-p-ayeaH1603d ago

The game looks so damm dispointing...