Blast From The Past: Leaked Internal Nintendo Promotional Video From 1994

Here's something you don't see everyday: An internal Nintendo promotional video looking forward to the first half of 1994. This video was made to inform Nintendo's Service Center employees of the upcoming lineup for Nintendo consoles and features beta footage of the unreleased game Sound Fantasy as well as early footage from Super Metroid and Nintendo 64 tech demos (known then as Project Reality). This kind of thing doesn't surface often and it's interesting to see early footage of some legendary games. It's likely to bring back some memories from anyone who grew up in that era.

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majiebeast1626d ago

28million advertising blitz for 6 months, is now barely the budget for 1 games advertising budget.

majiebeast1626d ago

Hene was pretty funny to watch. Lineup's back then seemed dreadful. I had a snes but would only get like 1 game per 6 months the rest were rent, and my dad only bought Jrpgs(not complaining) and Super Metroid.

brightlight1625d ago

and nowadays we complain, groan for 2 games every months, how ungrateful we are

OrangePowerz1626d ago

Lol the combined power of hundreds of PCs :D

logan_izer101626d ago

@ 17:45. Too bad Nintendo lost this vision

silkrevolver1625d ago

Apparently, they always over projected their sales...

UKRsoldier1625d ago

Except for the first few years of Wii sales.

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