Mantle API – First Independent Battlefield 4 Benchmark Emerges, Significant Increase over Direct X

The first Battlefield 4 and Mantle API benchmarks not conducted by AMD and EA have emerged and they do not disappoint.

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Coach_McGuirk1511d ago

This review doesn't show it, but the ones I'm seeing on other sites show really impressive gains in the mid and low-mid range cpus paired up with an overpowered gpu. Makes your i3 perform like an i7. Whether you prefer AMD or Nvidia gpus you should want Mantle to succeed.

sashimi1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

that is crazy but somehow i don't see people with i3 paired up with overpowered gpus tho. Just seems odd but than again idk i'm still rocking a gaming pc from 2008. But this seems like huge bump in cpu performance which is nice. Exciting times ahead :)

UltimateMaster1510d ago

That's awesome.
Keep pushing the boundaries of gaming.

neogeo1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

I just got it. I have a A10 5800k CPU and a R9 270x GPU. HUGE difference for me because I know my CPU is a bottle neck. I'm almost at a solid 60FPS in bf4 on ultra with 4msaa.
was only in the low 30s before. Then BF4 crashed and said it had a directX error! WTF! Some bugs to iron out but I'm happy.

This adds another nail in the coffin to the people that say you need to buy a expensive PC to get PS4 level graphics or better because Mantel gets rid of the CPU bottle neck so you can run a cheap or even garbage CPU now and get great performance. No need for Intel. Build a cheap pc with a cheap CPU like I did and slap in a 270X GPU for $179 and it comes with 3 games free. Looking forward to Thief next because that will have mantel out the box. $44 on steam now for preorder.

darksky1511d ago

Since AMD powers the PS4 and Xbox I curious if they are going to code any games with Mantle for the consoles. Would be amazing for all future games.

starchild1511d ago

Cool. I just updated my drivers and I'm downloading the Battlefiled 4 update with Mantle support as we speak. I'm looking forward to see what kind of improvement I get with my HD 7950 and i5 2500k.

I know it probably won't be much, but every little improvement would be welcome. If I can turn up the rendering resolution a couple notches it would be well worth it to me.

4ShotKing1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

So it's about a 10 FPS difference? Not really too significant IMO, but hopefully Mantle can become the new API instead of Direct X. The more FPS, the better!

neogeo1511d ago

Remember it depends on your CPU. This may not be a big deal for rich people with crazy powerful CPU's but for poor folks like me it's HUGE! Also it may be a great way to get steam boxes cheaper even yet. they can slap in cheaper CPU's and cut cost while not losing any gaming performance, but it will take a while because it really needs to have lots of games running this API for that to happen.

3-4-51511d ago

10 FPS is noticeable though.

neogeo1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Update! I just ran the Star Swarm benchmark on Dirext X11 and then in Mantel mode. Amazing results! in directX it almost came to a stop when it had thousands of ships on screen, but in Mantal it could not be phased! Anyway here are my offical results.

(DIRECTX11) Average FPS:27.49
Average Unit Count: 3857

(Mantle) Average FPS: 39.02
Average Unit Count: 4258

This is honestly a OMG poop my pants improvement. I feel like I got a free graphics card upgrade for nothing.
Also a big deal because AMD stock keeps dropping and this along with consoles should help boost sales. Rememebr people we don't EVER want AMD to fail or it's back to Nvinda owning the market again with $1000 graphics cards again and Intel will charge you a kidney per CPU. AMD is the little engine that could and is just holding on and needs our support more now than ever for the sake of gamers.

FYI the average frame rate may not seem like as much on paper but you should see it running. In Mantle mode it never slows below 24fps but in Dirext11 there are parts when it gets so slow it almost STOPS!!!! at 6FPS!. You got to test it yourself to believe it.

darksky1511d ago

Ran Starswarm on my i7 3770K @ 4.3GHZ with an AMD 7950 (OC to 1200MhZ)

(DIRECTX11) Average FPS: 34.60
Average Unit Count: 4125
Maximum Unit Count: 5463

(Mantle) Average FPS: 51.83
Average Unit Count: 4407
Maximum Unit Count: 5734

A pretty significant improvement. Looks very good for future games.

B-radical1511d ago

Now to wait and see if nvidia have a product to go up against it....tis gonna be a good year fellas and gals

Lon3wolf1511d ago

AMD have said Nvidia are free to use Mantle API I believe.

B-radical1511d ago

Lol nvidia wont want to

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