Behind the scenes with the people of PlayStation

Fred Dutton – SCEE Blog Manager-

You hear from game developers a great deal here on PlayStation Blog, both as guest authors and in interviews. But while game developers are of course at the very heart of what makes PlayStation tick, there’s also a huge network of supporting players who work together to help bring you the games you love.

I’m talking about the wizards who design beautiful box art, the video specialists who craft eye-popping trailers, the producers who pull out their hair to keep projects on track, the amazing minds who localise your games into umpteen different languages, and so on.

So, every Saturday for the next few months, I’ll be shining the light on one such unsung hero, finding out exactly what they do, eking out a few words of wisdom for those of you with aspirations of working in the games industry, and generally giving you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes here at PlayStation.

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Emilio_Estevez1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Just cruisin the net here this fine Sat morn, looking for a story or 2 and read this:
'Currently playing OlliOlli. Next will be [REDACTED]'

Followed by:
'I’m fired aren’t I?'

Wonder what it could be that he can't speak of. It would have to be pretty soon as he's planning on playing it next. He could just be playing it early though I guess.

majiebeast1629d ago

Lol that redacted, what the hell was it.