Titanfall Beta Skipping the 360?

According to a tweet by series creator Vince Zampella, Titanfall's beta will take place between February 14th and 19th on both the Xbox One and PC via Origin. Interestingly, the Xbox 360 version of the game is not mentioned in the tweet, leading many to believe that the 360 version of the game will not be involved in the beta.

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n4rc1629d ago

Considering another studio is working on the 360 version. That's not really surprising..

The_devils_chum1629d ago

No there skipping it because both xb1 and 360 are almost identical, xb1 720p 60 fps xbox 360 620p 60 fps. They really dont want any side by side pics or videos for obvious reasons (their next gen console isnt so next gen).

abzdine1629d ago

a wise man! bubble for you

imt5581629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I agree with that. They wont show X360 beta because game is almost indentical on X360 and on Xbone ( in graphics terms ). It will be an outrage! And CBOAT leak is probably genuine.

UKRsoldier1629d ago

Wow, imagine that, a hardcore sony troll is backing CBOAT's claim about the low-res textures being final. Mindblowing.


MegaRay1629d ago

It will happens sooner or later lol
But I think the gameplay is more important than graphics right? Right? Dammit noone agrees? Oh well whatever i myself never get bored of psone/ps2 games no matter how much thier graphics are outdated

truefan11629d ago

Man the jealously is real lol. Only ps4 fans would try to turn two xbox consoles against each other, rather pathetic actually. Don't worry guys Destiny is out in September, of course xbox gamers will beplaying that one as well. Keep bringing up resolution controversy to deflect the fact that you are unhappy with your lack of games. Stand by for Titanfall.

Chris5581629d ago

implying glorious ps4 owners won't be playing titanfall on pc in glorious next gen resolution not xbox 720 resolution

OrangePowerz1629d ago

What's up with the insecurity of people that whenever someone says something remotely negative about Titanfall that the people are directly labeled as PS4 fanboys?

Believe it or not but there are actually people on this planet that are not hyped for Titanfall. Just like there are people that are not into Forza, Half Life, League of Legends, Uncharted and whatever other games you can think of. I personally could buy the game and play it on launch since it isn't Xbone exclusive, but I'm not hyped for it, especially not with the latest news from respawn about AI and player count.

Legacy2121629d ago

I find it really funny that every time Titan fall is mentioned all these PS4 gamers are like "SO what i will play it on pc on my 4k 80" monitor!" yet they still play all their multiplats on PS4? Battlefield 4 900p on ps4 and these "pc gamers" with gaming rigs to play titanfall on ultra mega setting go nuts when its battlefield is 900p and jump for joy...I dont get it surely if you have these god like PCs you would pick up battlefield, assassins, NFS, on your glorious Pcs.....

jacksjus1628d ago

You are nonstop with nonsense. What's the matter with you seriously?

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stuna11629d ago

People kill me with their responses of something being a conspiracy when it falls in line with something that has been touched upon with simi-accuracy! A beta for PC, a beta for Xbox1, but yet no beta for Xbox 360! Yet the response is because it's being handled by a different developer! So of course that's a logical reason even though it is the same game coming from the horses mouth (Microsoft)!?

I remember the fiasco with Haze on the PS3, a game that was reported to be doing things that no game was capable of doing at that time, and the graphic and fidelity were supposed to be a shining example of what a "Next Gen" now last gen title were going to showcase as being what the next generation had to offer! But guess what? It was crap, and a total failure. I know because I fell for the hype and bought that crap! The funny thing is I still have it in my collection of games.

A game being developed by another team should have no bearing on whether it receives a beta, especially if its counterparts are receiving a beta unless there is something to hide! It's not like they are releasing in different time frames. This should be no different than any other multiplatform title like COD, or BF that have open beta for respective platforms but are ported by different teams.

n4rc1629d ago

I disagree..

They are essentially porting a game in progress.. They will always be behind respawn and the lead platforms as they develop.

Irishguy951629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )


'Next gen' is just a term. The Xbox One is at least 66% of the power of the Ps4. The two of these consoles, the Ps4 and Xbox One...too put it lightly, ****ING DESTROY, the Xbox 360 and Ps3. The Xbox one is still multiple times more powerful than the Xbox 360. The only reason a game on the X1 would look identitcle with a slight resolution downgrade is if the developers quite literally didn't utilize the X1.

Being weaker than the Ps4 does not make it 'No so next gen'


****ing lightyears above the 360

@ Chris
Implying X1 owners won't play all the PC games on Ps4. Don't kid yourself, you don't have a PC capable of Titanfall. You just want bullets for your fanboyism but forgot to remember PC + Console works both ways. Now go back to trolling PC gamers who have a real next gen experience. 1080P is last gen for PC gamers

imt5581629d ago

Quote :

The only reason a game on the X1 would look identitcle with a slight resolution downgrade is if the developers quite literally didn't utilize the X1.

Oh, really?

LILShaggy8051629d ago

Dude titanfall isn't even going to require a beefed up PC to run it. It runs on a 10 year old source engine and isn't very demanding at all.

ramiuk11629d ago

i have a ps4 which im happy with but i hope your wrong dude,really do.

MS just cant get a break with anything,there own fault i suppose.
its a storm in the clouds

Legacy2121629d ago

The game isnt graphically impressive and it never claimed to be if you guys think its going to look amazing on PC and shit on xbox1 you guys are in for a rude awakening. However the X1 version WILL have better textrues then 360 sony fans are so butt hurt before the game was exclusive sony fans were all like CANT WAIT TO PLAY THIS IN 6 months!! after it became life time exclusive..... who cares game sucks

LILShaggy8051629d ago

No one cares!!! Almost everyone has a Xbox 360!!! If you don't quite remember your history then lets take a look at mass effect and BioShock. Supposed to be Xbox exclusive forever and where did they end up? Right onto a Sony platform. Besides I have a 360 and a PC and a big Sony fa.n But do you see me complaining? No, because I don't give a f***.

Farmassy1629d ago


If the X1 and 360 versions looks similar it has nothing to do with resolution. They used an extremely old engine so they are not trying to push the boundaries in terms of graphics. The 360 might look a lot like the X1 and that doesn't bother me.

In terms of a next gen console being "next gen." I need my next gen console to have games on it... greatness awaits... and waits... and waits

LILShaggy8051629d ago

Ps4 is still gonna have way more games than Xbox. In fact it already does. There's about 50 or so that are out right now that aren't on Xbox. There's games trust. And a lot of them

Farmassy1628d ago


ok. So what are you playing right now?

AngelicIceDiamond1629d ago

They're not showing it because its identical its not an outrage. People need to learn to stop blowin crap out of no where.

MS bread and butter is with X1 version with the PC version to follow. The 360 version will get shafted in the advertisements. 360 gameplay probably won't get shown either a week before the game comes out or probably not all. After launch when people get there hands on it.

To put it in simpler terms. X1 version of Titanfall will have all the love. The 360 version of Titanfall will have no love.

MS will treat this as if this was exclusive to X1 people understand now?

Ripsta7th1629d ago

This is the kind of fanboys i hate, hasnt even played the game but knows for sure they will be identical.

moujahed1629d ago

More like 30 fps for both... not 60 fps.

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Are_The_MaDNess1629d ago

its on Origin...... not smiling now eh? >____< hate that EA is doing this to us :C

pandehz1629d ago

Origin eh?

Still smiling.

Sorry for you tho

OrangePowerz1629d ago

If rumours are true and the 360 version isn't far off I wouldn't do a beta either as it would show the X1 version in a bad light.

Mikey941629d ago

Well Abbie already stated that the 360 version isn't up to them because there not developing it.

OrangePowerz1629d ago

While Respawn doesn't make the port Respawn or EA can still tell the devs to make a beta, there is very little that will be up to the developers of the port. They don't really own the game, they are under contract to port it and do whatever Respawn or EA tells them to do.

LILShaggy8051629d ago

The only thing EA is doing is publishing and nothing else what so ever.

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