PS4's CE-34878-0 Error Code Spreads to Share Captures

Dealspwn writes: Reports have been floating around the net for a few weeks now that numerous PS4 users have seen the CE-34878-0 error code appear and corrupt their save files beyond repair, often wasting up to 40 hours of work for the likes of Assassin's Creed IV.

However, new evidence suggests the system error isn't just focussed on our game save files and is spreading throughout the PS4's other features.

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GribbleGrunger1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

It hasn't spread. It's already been explained in two articles I've seen on N4Gs that this error message is generic and doesn't refer to any particular problem. So there are any number of problems that flag up this error code.

This explains it better:

bggriffiths1482d ago

That said, it's still an issue that's affecting a required function of the PS4. Although I feel bad complaining about this when some people have had saves wiped.

GribbleGrunger1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Yes, I agree, but it's not 'spreading'. That's a sensationalist headline designed to give the impression it's possibly some kind of virus. This is nonsense and it's always been there. It clearly needs fixing but it also needs putting into perspective.

kewlkat0071482d ago

It clearly needs fixing but it also needs putting into perspective."

Dude its only a doesn't need damage control..

truefan11482d ago

Man ps4 has had a lot of problems this gen, it looks like they rushed the console out. Hopefully the update helps but I saw how Sony tried to explain how to fix this issue and they didn't sound too sure. Also they are making gamers wait for Japan for an update, that's pretty messed up if your data gets wiped and it could have been prevented if the update was released. It seems the denial and sweep under the rug tactic isn't going to work. Sony needs to face the problems up front, it's not like people will all of a sudden stop buying ps4s.

GarrusVakarian1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )


My god, people like you know nothing.

"Man ps4 has had a lot of problems this gen,"

Compared to the amount of units that were sold and are fine, it really hasn't had "a lot" of problems. I love how you just forget to mention the X1's problems also....Did you just "sweep them under the rug"? I wonder why MS hasn't revealed their failure rate numbers?

"it looks like they rushed the console out."

Consoles don't get "rushed out", they are in development for YEARS, nothing about the PS4 launch was rushed. All problems were to be expected, as they are with ALL new hardware. There is no such thing as an issue-less launch. You test it as much and as well as you can before launch then you hope the failure rate stays low....which in the PS4's case it has. If it was rushed....there would be WAY more cases of reported failure seeing as almost 5 million of them have been sold. Use your head.

" Sony needs to face the problems up front, "

Yeah, im sure they are just sitting on their thumbs whistling to themselves instead of trying to fix it...../s

Don't talk unless you know what you are talking about, you make yourself look like an uneducated troll. Just look at your first sentence, pure exaggerated trolling nonsense. It pains you to see the PS4 on top and you will take any opportunity to troll it.....and even that you can't do well.

TheGreatAndPowerful1482d ago

all you have to do is go to your profile and click on the little folder icon under your profile pic and you can access your videos from there.

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BX811482d ago

So at some point it did spread?

Goro1482d ago

My save file corrupted in AC4 but luckily i had it backed up in online storage.

bggriffiths1482d ago

That's a relief. I heard that some of the online storage ones got corrupted too though -probably a case of a corrupted one being uploaded and overwriting a safe one. So just to be one the safe side, I'd back up to a pen-drive too.

Septic1482d ago

Ah the power of the cloud ;)

Sayai jin1482d ago

LOL...I see what you did there.

On topic, Sony will probably patch this soon.

BX811482d ago

That's good, loosing data especially in a big game like assassins creed would suck. Does the ps4 back up your saves or do you have to do it manually?

bggriffiths1482d ago

I think you can set it to either. Be careful of it backing up a corrupted save and it wiping over the one one before though.

Goro1482d ago

You can do it either way, i do it manually though.

BX811482d ago

Thanks. I never considered backing up till gears 2 and 3 both games had a glitch were it could set your MP rank back to zero if you turned the game off at certain points. That sucked. Needless to say I skipped the last gears game.

GentlemenRUs1482d ago

What error?

I've never gotten this error at all from my PS4, Odd.

akaFullMetal1482d ago

I haven't had any issues, but sucks for those that have. Hopefully the update in February will fix this.

XiSasukeUchiha1482d ago

Hopefully update will fix it don't worry!

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