Microsoft Comments On $399 Xbox One: "No, You Cannot Believe Everything You Read On The Internet"

Microsoft Comments On $399 Xbox One: "No, You Cannot Believe Everything You Read On The Internet"

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Yi-Long1086d ago ShowReplies(8)
Qwagy UK1086d ago

Bin kinect, bring it down to the same price point as the PS4, then I may buy one just for the exclusives.

GarrusVakarian1086d ago

Exactly the same thing im hoping for, for the same reason.

Megaton1086d ago

I probably would, too. I'm sure they'll launch something I want to play eventually, and the Kinect is the dealbreaker. Aside from the janky camera itself, the dashboard's reliance upon it needs to be fixed.

mcstorm1086d ago

So let me get this right. This site is flooded with negative press about the Xbox one being less powerful than the ps4 and more expensive but now people would accept the Xbox one being the Same price as the ps4 even though its not as powerful and they drop Kinect which is the main device the console has been built around?

garos821086d ago

id get one for exclusives only and not for the current price point.would be interested in Kinect if it wasn't a piece of crap

Sitdown1086d ago

Haha... well when you put it like that.

What all xbox one games have you played with Kinect that helped you reach your conclusion?

Studio-YaMi1086d ago

You missed their point,they said they would get it ONLY for EXCLUSIVES!

Meaning that any multiplate releasing on both systems they would still buy on PS4 since(as you have stated yourself) it's much more powerful than the XboxOne.

ABizzel11086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )


$399 is better than $499 for a camera you don't want.

I've said it should be $349 - $379 due to the weaker hardware, but $399 is a good starting point for them and removing Kinect will allow them to hit other regions MUCH FASTER.

giovonni1086d ago

which is strange, because the kinect allows the system to do more. so if MS did all of what you said, wouldn't the ps4 still be the better system?

DeadMansHand1086d ago

Yes. im not buying a bone because it's less powerful, I'm not buying one because to me, kinect is stupid and unwanted. I bought a WiiU and it's really less powerful but I love Nintendo exclusives. I like halo and gears so if I could buy a bone for 399 ish and it had no stupid camera I had to set up, even just once then I would be all over it. Even though ms says kinect not mandatory if a dev put a section in a game that uses it now I have to take it out of the box and hook it all up to continue playing. If they sell a kinectless sku then devs cannot put it in a game since they know a lot of people don't own one. That's literally all I'm waiting for. I have 432.00 in my second savings account just waiting for this to all happen.

Hicken1086d ago

People- especially enthusiasts in any field- don't like paying for stuff they don't want. Personally, even without the Kinect- which I mostly just see as a waste of resources, not necessarily a failure- I don't want an XB1 at all.

But some people would be more inclined to bite the bullet on the price if it were lower and didn't have that damn accessory they don't want. They want to play Halo, Forza, Fable, and Gears(as well as the new stuff), but they don't want to pay MORE for a system that's pretty much only more because of a camera they don't have any desire to use.

Folks defending the Xbox- and Microsoft in general- always take this "all or nothing" approach. As if EVERY person who's not keen on the XB1 feels exactly the same way, and they'd ALL change their minds if the exact same things were changed.

Qwagy spoke for himself, and some people agreed with his sentiment. You can't- well, you can, but that's ignorant- look at that and say, "Oh, so now everybody's fine with X?" because that's not what's happening.

mcstorm1086d ago

I get that people want different things but people are just nit picking about the Kinect. Its like saying I don't want a ps4 until Sony drop the light out of the controller as it has no use at all without the camera and it shortens the battery life. Or I want a wiiu without the wiiu controller as I don't want a tablet as a controller and it puts the price up. All these parts of the consoles are there for a reason and can add to the console and games. As I said the Xbox one has been designed around Kinect the same way the wiiu was designed around the touch controller. Take them away and you are just left with a console that adds nothing from the last gen console.

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Charybdis1086d ago

Some people have said the same of the wii (ditch the motion control). Kinect is an integral part of the design, appeal and marketing efforts of Microsoft.

If they would release xb1 without kinect there would be people complaining about the high price of a stand-alone kinect or not being able to use advertised features(ir beamer is located in the kinect)

SilentNegotiator1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

Baloney. You can still do all of the important features without the Kinect. Stop spewing this "integral part of the design" PR garbage.

"there would be people complaining about the high price of a stand-alone kinect"
Kinect 1 sold about 24 million units; about a 30% attach rating. If Kinect 2 costs a lot more than the first, then MS is already losing a LOT of money forcing it into every package, so there would be no reason to sell it for a lot on its own.

BitbyDeath1086d ago

You're confusing Wii with Wii U.
Nobody ever said to ditch motion controls.
Had you said the Wii U tablet you would have been correct.

GamingNerd0131086d ago

Agreed yo I might buy it if no kenect is with it and it's drops to 350 wich is fair sense well it's weaker then PS4 and the fact that I will only play it 4 exclusives as well mostly JRPGS as I'm a sucker 4 them:) glad I have my PS4 as I will be using it 4 all the 3rd party games and exclusive of course.

Bolts-N-Rays11091086d ago

Ditching Kinect won't happen any time soon. XB1 is selling fine with it, so they'll keep it. Had the XB1 sold poorly, then they would most likely drop it.

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mhunterjr1086d ago

Of course they would deny an impending price drop. The news would only hamper sales...

Charybdis1086d ago

They haven't launched in all territories yet, have better sales compared to their previous console (360).

Microsoft likes money price drop therefore unlikely, would be nice though. As long as their consoles are still moving from shells at a sufficient rate I don't see a price drop. Inclusion of a free xb1 bundle with a free game is more likely .

mhunterjr1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

I agree, i think a price drop would be premature, especially when they have some key titles approaching, that will surely drive interest. I'm just saying, if they DID have one planned, they wouldn't admit it... Not this far in advance.

MsmackyM1086d ago

Birth Control in the ghetto is selling better than the Xbox One, MS needs to do something and do it fast.

mhunterjr1086d ago

What are you talking about man? Nearly 3.5 mil after 10 weeks, in just 13 countries. Sure it isn't selling as well as the ps4, but let's not pretend it's performing poorly.

MsmackyM1086d ago

The Xbox One practically hit a brick wall after launch pre-orders and the only region that showed a bit of interest is the US. Microsoft has said themselves, they only sold through 3 million with 900,000 sitting on retailers shelves. And to make matters even worse for the Xbox One; multiplats are performing significantly better on the PS4. That is extremely troubling if your main push is multiplats.

Angeljuice1086d ago


It's not going to happen, Kinect is the feature they built the XB1 around. It is their main vision for the console, it's the USP for the console. If they removed it, it wouldn't look good for investors (a diluted incarnation of their core design vision).
I'm not saying I agree with their decisions (Im not interested in an XB1 at any price), but I understand that you can't just remove a core feature of a product without causing major problems.

Arkardo1086d ago

I hate kinect and i will not buy an X1 until they ditch it, but i can say that your statement it's the most accurate i have seen on ng4, they just cannot turn their core vision again that will be the final blow to MS.

Its sad because i really wanted to play exclusives, but with kinect and at that price sorry, no buy from me.

KonsoruMasuta1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

That would be the dumbest thing ever. There are huge problems with digital games that needs to get addressed before anyone thinks of making a digital only console.

OpieWinston1086d ago

But Microsoft already confirmed that in the future they're going to address the price gap issue.

KonsoruMasuta1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

Not only that but what about when they shutdown services for that system? How will you re-download your games if your HDD gets corrupted? 100s of dollars down the drain.

There is also the problem of not enough space on the HDD, games are getting up as big as 60GBs nowadays.

Steam is a single service that is ongoing. Steam users don't have to change to a new Steam every 5-7 years. They also don't have to worry about no BC.

OpieWinston1086d ago

When do you foresee this "Shut Down"?
Do you think Steam is shutting down within the next 20 or so years?
WORST case scenario in the next 15-20 years Microsoft sells off the Xbox Division and they supply the Cloud servers to keep the system running.
The same Cloud servers that Skydrive/Xbox Live/Skype all run on is what's keeping it all up and running including your purchases.

Microsoft has thought that part through.