Why the Wii U is not finished

With Nintendo currently struggling with its financial difficulties, Adnan Riaz discusses why the Nintendo Wii U is not finished and how the company can learn from its mistakes - as they have done in the past.

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Realplaya1575d ago

How are they struggling with their finances. There was a recent article about their deep pockets.

stragomccloud1575d ago

There's that and also the fact that even though they had an operating loss, they had $100 million net profit. Might not be as much as they had hoped for, but it means that Nintendo still made a profit.

jmobley1575d ago

yeah but that's only because of the 3DS, the problem is the Wii U and it's waning third party support and lack of software. I think if Nintendo really wants to save it they need to pile some games on it this year, and start talking about their next-gen Zelda.

Chrischi19881575d ago

But they make money. I think it is funny, how all act like Nintendo is done and should get out of business, even though it is far away from it. Sony struggles way more. MS loses a lot of money on Xbox brand, but they at least have the money to lose, without firing thousands of people.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

No it was because of software sales across 3DS and Wii U.

pcz1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

EVERY single news article on n4g and the entire internet related to the wiiu is bad news. there is no success story. the wiiu is a failure.

the only people who think otherwise are the poor few who actually own wiius.

its not even a downhill slope for the wiiu now, its a vertical drop, heck, its a free fall!

its just going to get worse and worse. fans might only wake up to the extent of this failure when mario kart and smash bros flop.

jmobley1575d ago

it's not a failure yet, remember how bad the PS3 did at first now look at it. The PS3 practically outsold the 360 worldwide.

NYC_Gamer1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

That's because Sony produces a variety of software that catch peoples attention along with 3rd party support..Nintendo only brings out the same franchises which only die hard Nintendo fans enjoy.

tigertron1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

: jmobley

Not saying the Wii U won't ever pick up, but you're comparing two very different consoles in two very different generations/times.

The PS3 had the support of third party studios, it was focused on the hardcore marker and it wasn't released in between console generations.

LennyLovespuds1575d ago

You think Smash Bros will flop? Either it really has gotten that bad for Nintendo, or you underestimate the player base for the Smash series.

KonsoruMasuta1575d ago

"EVERY single news article on n4g and the entire internet related to the wiiu is bad news."

So the article that you're commenting on right now does not exist?

pcz1575d ago

its an article giving a counter argument to all the bad press.

hardly good news

KonsoruMasuta1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

"its an article giving a counter argument to all the bad press.

hardly good news"

It's not bad news either. You claimed that EVERY WiiU artcile was nothing but bad news. That means that you are wrong. Try again, do not pass go, and do not collect 200.

N4g_null1574d ago

Wow so we play console because of sales? Hmmmm. I'll take the games coming and be fine with that. Then play the rest on pc.. good luck with high end mediocrity. They really have no more excuses to make low frame rate games now. Yet they will.... like the rest of the industry. Have fun with the hype and enjoy the doom.

Rustynail1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Agreed, peeyew is a flop. I don't understand this argument that as soon as Smash bros or Mario kart are out people will suddenly rust out and buy a peeyew.

pcz1574d ago

exactly, people aare just hoping it will take off after those games are released.

why didnt it take off after mario 3d world? or pikmin?

lol its dead

Chrischi19881574d ago

Do you only read N4G news? Because here are the most Sony fans and they do all, to make their system the best and bash the rest to the ground. "Nintendo is doomed" is no real journalism. Go to different sites, there you might have an unbiased community.

How do I know, that this community is biased? I once wrote in the comments section something nice about the Xbox1, I dont own one, I dont plan on getting one, but I am able to see the good and the bad. I instantly got accused by Sony fans, that I am a Xbox fanboy that secretly tries to push the Xbox name^^ WTF!

I mean, how can people be so biased? I like all the consoles, I just love my Wii U and I dont get the hate people have towards a brand or console, like their life depends on its success and/or failure.

pcz1574d ago

i like n4g because it collects articles from all over the net. so you get a general view of whats going on.

but yes, im well aware this site is very bias and all the fans are at war with one another lol

i know i get disagrees and bubbled down, but im not trolling. im just saying my honest opinion on what i see happening with wiiu. if that leaves me with 2 bubbles, then so be it.

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Tiqila1575d ago

I bought mine and I knew it wasnt doing good (in sales), but the nintendo exclusives are well worth the purchase. Cant wait for the new Donkey Kong game.

thezeldadoth1575d ago

i bought one just because of the games that are out and are coming out for sure. If i only ever play 8-10 games on the system, thats worth it to me. Its also given me a chance to go back and play xenoblade chronicles which is an amazing game and X is sure to be one of the best RPG's in years.

DoggyBiscuit1575d ago

The Wii U may be down rite now but that doesn't mean it won't bounce back, the 3DS struggle the 1st year it was out the PS3 struggle for the 1st 2 years and look at it now, all the Wii U need is more 1st party games

InTheLab1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

The ps3 sold 3 million in NA in 2007 after launching in Nov of 06" and the WiiU sold 2.8 million world wide in 2013 after launching in 2012

And that's at twice the price. So no. That's a bad comparison.

I keep seeing the PS3 being compared to the WiiU but the ps3 sold more than the 360 and WiiU it's first year at $500 to $600.

I honestly don't get these comparisons. There was great demand for the ps3 early on and a lack of hardware is why it only sold what it sold. Not because people don't want it like the WiiU.

N4g_null1574d ago

It doesn't matter the price... no one wanted a ps3 at first few years and I recall it still took games to bring it back. It just took a bigger fan boy to pay double for it. If that is what you want to be proud of then I won't call being a sucker/early adopter bragging rights.

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