XBOX LIVE GOLD VS. PS +, which is worth more?

We compared February titles of both services that you will get free as subscriber. We compared prices and release dated, so which service is worth your money more?

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Yi-Long1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

For me PS+: It's proven itself the last few years, and every month you get so much great new free content.

I used to have XBL Gold for quite a few years, but didn't renew it, and TBH I don't miss it either.

I do dislike the fact that for PS4 you now need to get PS+ to go online. I didn't like it when MS did it (and still does), and I don't like it now Sony does it, for the simple reason that it automatically limits the amount of people I can play online.

People buy a game with MP, and if they don't pay for PS+ or Gold, they can't play online. Not all my friends will be shelling out for PS+, and while -I- feel it's worth the money (which is why I already got it for PS3), other might not follow.

GarrusVakarian1485d ago

Article is pointless, there is no competition here. PS plus wins hands down.

Sayai jin1485d ago

On topic, it depends on who you ask. We can compare all day, but some will like PS+ more while others will like XBL and others like both. It's subjective.

OP- I really like both services. I have had for over 10 year and PSN for 7. I have only paid for 6 years though due to the fact that MS used to place 6 month to 1 year free XBL cards in random games. I signed up for PS+ as son as it became available. I have a well established friends list on XBL and still play with my mates quite a bit. My PSN friends list is not full mainly due to the fact that for a while no one on PSN was using a mic or most people weren't so it's hard to really get to know people. That is my experience.

PS+ free month games is well established and they offer great games. MS never did this until the competition made them. ...thx Sony. This is why I like competition. MS games with gold is an addition to XBL, but for the most part the games are old. MS needs to work on the games they offer...more bang for the buck.

XBL was good on the very first Xbox and has steadily grown and improved. Although, Sony did not initially get fully behind online gaming they saw what the competition was doing and have significantly improved PSN. I like the UI better on my PS4 than on XBL in general.

All of this is just my opnion.

reaperofsouls1484d ago

PS+ is better than M$ games for OLD

SwordandShield1485d ago

Absolutely Plus and it's not even close.

Phoenix761485d ago

PS+. I've had the service since it began here in the UK and I can say that it has been more than worth the average of £40 a year(unless you get it on discount).

IAMvideogames1485d ago

Playstation Plus by a mile.

OllieBoy1485d ago

How is this even a debate?

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The story is too old to be commented.