Why Microsoft's $100 Xbox One Rebate is Not a Great Deal

Microsoft and Sony both launched their next generation of video game consoles in November of last year, going head-to-head for the hottest shopping period of the year. Sony has the edge on Microsoft in terms of price, but it seems Microsoft is willing to pay PS3 users to upgrade to an Xbox One.

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FlunkinMonkey1626d ago

I wouldn't even trade in my PS3 to help me get a PS4 at this point, why on earth would I want to do it to get an XBone?

HappyWithOneBubble1626d ago

I feel you. I still play my PS3. Still great games to play.

alexkoepp1626d ago

If my ps4 had the functionality of my ps3 I would trade my ps3 in, but the ps4 feels pretty incomplete so I'm gonna be holding onto that ps3 a while longer

Agent_00_Revan1626d ago

I know! I still have half a dozen games to play in my library. Not to mention the games still coming out. Castlevania, South Park, KH 2.5. etc.

My Ps3 is going NO WHERE!!

3-4-51626d ago

PS3 is the only last gen system still getting quality exclusives....

I almost bought PS3 just for the RPGs, but I'd rather have a PS4 + Vita and just hope they end up on either somehow.

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Naga1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I think there was a decent point to be made here by the author, but he didn't do a particularly good job of making it.

He essentially offered two points:
1. The fine print specifies that $100 is the maximum they will give you, depending on the condition of your PS3 trade-in.
2. You must also purchase an Xbox One at the same time.

Neither of those two points serves to invalidate the value of the deal; both are common sense implications associated with any deal like this. That, and his later point about the price of an Xbox 360 on eBay is a complete non sequetor.

I agree that the deal may not be great, but the author did a poor job of articulating why.

from the beach1626d ago

You could probably get more for your old PS3 or 360 but the convenience of trading up this way is attractive to some people. Not the worst offer.

Hicken1626d ago

What you could get for it isn't the problem. It's the entire message: trade in your PS3 to get $100 off an XB1... or keep your PS3, buy a PS4, and come out at the same price.

It might be a good deal if you no longer play your PS3 and don't see any games in the future you want for it AND want the XB1 more than a PS4, but the majority of PS3 owners aren't likely to fit in that rather specific category.

And no, it's not the worst, nor is Microsoft the only company to do similar promotions(only one in gaming, though). But it DOES seem just a little desperate.

from the beach1626d ago

It's just a handy way to get an Xbox One a bit cheaper, while offloading an old system you don't need any more.

I think you're reading too much into 'messages' ;)

Why o why1626d ago

Wait, dont need or dont want. The ps3 still has life in it....this isnt the 360 we're talking about.

The deal means you lose a console to get an x1 at the same price you would have to pay for a ps4 without trading your ps3..... its a dumb desperate deal if you consider what you lose especially since backwards compatibility isn't here. Maybe they should offer this trade if for the loyal 360 crowd instead but why would they....that doesn't serve them.

Kryptix1626d ago

My 4 year old PS3 has a broken disc drive and I will never sell it for a new console even if it will go for $100.

My reason to keeping it; Playstation Plus. Anyone with a subscription knows that the PS3 will always be worth something much more, especially if you get a PS4 since one subscription goes for all 3 Sony platforms.

from the beach1626d ago

According to the article the deal applies to trading in a PS3 or a 360 and I actually mentioned both in my original comment.

The only 'desperate' thing here is how desperate some of you are to try and discredit this offer - it might not appeal to you, that's fine, but it's good for anyone who wants an Xbox One and has finished with their last-gen machine.

Kryptix1626d ago

And you still don't get what is being said here. A PS3 is worth more than $100. Even if you really are done with last gen, according to Ebay listings, most of the models are worth more than $140.

Microsoft's deal isn't great. I'm even using real numbers to support that fact.

from the beach1626d ago

"You could probably get more for your old PS3 or 360 but the convenience of trading up this way is attractive to some people. Not the worst offer."

from the beach

Kryptix1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

So you understand the 17 disagrees then, cool. That was the point of the article.

"A quick glance at eBay shows that a lot of Xbox 360s are going for $100 or more online. Depending on the condition of your Xbox and whether or not you're willing to throw in a few games (and why would you need those if you're getting the Xbox One, which lacks backward compatibility?), you can probably best Microsoft's offer or at least match it and get cold hard cash as opposed to a Microsoft store gift card."

But you still think it's not the worst offer. It's the worst offer if you look at all the alternatives out there. Microsoft doesn't even specify if the amount of GBs matter. Will 4GB and 250GB models have the same payout? That's a shitty deal then since selling it on Ebay can get you more than $100.

360 250GB Used:

360 4GB Used:

Real numbers again, pricing more than $100. It's nothing special than what Gamestop offers. At least at Gamestop, the money can be used for other things.

from the beach1626d ago

But then 15 people agreed with the first reply, which says "what you could get for it isn't the problem" before delving into 'messages' paranoia.

So.. which is it?

The key part of my first comment is about the convenience of trading up this way. Get rid of one console, get a new one. Done. That in itself is valuable to some people even if it's not for you. But, as I said before, that's fine. No-one's forcing anyone to take this deal.

And honestly, after looking at those eBay deals on 360s I'm starting to think it is quite generous. People are selling for everything from $80 to $200, some with games and extra controllers as well.. and those are only 'Buy it Now' prices. Very interesting.

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Monster_Tard1626d ago

Not really handy at all, Gamestop is giving just as little for them, but at least you get a wider selection to spend the $100 on.

Hicken1625d ago

Paranoia? Excuse you. Which part of my comment exudes any sort of paranoia?

The deal is not good. It's not specifically because of the hundred dollars. It's not that Amazon or GameStop could give you more money. It's that you're giving up something of greater value for something of lesser value- speaking strictly from a gaming perspective. If it's a deal only a few people would ever even be interested in, then it's not a good deal. And I'd bet you money that the number of people who have a PS3, don't want to keep it, want an XB1, and DON'T want a PS4 is very small. Small enough that a marketing campaign like this is more pointless than anything else.

I mean, face it: there just aren't that many people who wanna switch from PS3 to XB1. And most of those few have likely already done so.

And because they specifically target the PS3- the 360 is mentioned essentially as an aside- it does look a little desperate. That seems to hurt your feelings a bit. I'd apologize, but I don't actually care.

Neonridr1626d ago

"Though the offer is advertised as $100 for trading in your old console, the fine print over on Microsoft's website implies that is actually the maximum trade in value and to get it, your console has to be in perfect condition and you have to buy an Xbox One at the same time."

You have a weird definition of perfect condition. See Microsoft's fine print below:

"To be eligible for trade in, product must power on and be in fully functional, working condition without broken/missing components, cracked display/housing or liquid damage, cannot be password protected, and include original chargers/accessories. To receive maximum trade in value, you must purchase an Xbox One at the same time."

While making you purchase the Xbox One at the same time of trade in to receive maximum trade in value kinda sucks, all they ask is that the console turns on and has all the components. I mean if you have broken accessories and such would you expect to get a lot for it?

And on top of that, if you are bringing your console in to trade to take advantage of the offer, it kinda indicates that the user has every intention of buying an Xbox One anyways...

If the Xbox One was B/C with the 360 this would have been so much better of a deal since users would feel no need to hang onto their 360's anymore.

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