Is Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor a rip-off of Assassins Creed?

IM PLAYIN takes a look at the rumours suggesting that Shadow of Mordor is a rip-off of Assassins Creed as well as a quick look at the game as a whole.

"When I first heard about Shadow of Mordor, I was quite excited about the prospect of a new game based on the Lord of the Rings universe. They’ve not really done anything good since War in the North, and that was a bit hit and miss. So, once I’d spent a few minutes researching the game and watching some of the recently released gameplay videos, it quickly dawned on me that the game was incredibly familiar. I’d like to say that I used some of my keen deductive skills to notice the slight similarities, but sadly it was blatantly obvious, and I’m not the only person to have spotted it. Shadow of Mordor, in my opinion, is basically Assassins Creed with some really interesting additions."

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Tatsuya 1655d ago

It is Assassin's Creed on STEROIDS

Francis21655d ago

I've got that feeling. It looks like someone's looked at Assassins Creed and said, 'what would make this game better', then slapped some LOTRs all over it for good measure.

vishmarx1655d ago

couldnt care less if it were indeed a ripoff.
we'd all be fapping if all that stuff got included in AC along with a LOTR conversion mod.
im good.

erathaol1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I does copy a lot of assets of Assassin's Creed, down the unilateral movements of the character, even has the same special ability set.

Only they are adding to the overall feel of the game, by including Witcher 2 mechanics and impressive graphical design of the LotR world.

Personally, I'm more offended by the blatant misuse of LotR mythos to conjure up this supernatural protagonist.

While I am free to hold my particular grudge, I can say that it has no weight on the final product of this game, in fact it looks like their doing a great job in creating a game worth playing.

cleft51655d ago

Look at the animations for how the character moves and climbs. It's screams Assassins Creed. Even the mission type thing with Ratbag is essentially straight out of AC2 just a redone way of using recruits. The game looks good, but if the backwards engineered Assassins Creed it could great interfere with the game release window. There is no way Ubisoft doesn't sue them.

silenius1655d ago

No, it's better!!!!
Assassins creed is total rubbish and soooo repetitive + overrated.

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StraightPath1655d ago

So that would mean every third person game that was cover mechanics is a Gears of War rip off? Which includes Uncharted series.

Although cover mechanics was in games before such as Operation Winback, but no one can deny the big effect Gears of War had on the previous generation and I am sure will continue to the new one.

Cover mechanics became a standard after Gears of War. Middle earth looks great and yes it does look like to take inspirations from assassin's Creed however the game is not even out yet to judge the full game. So far it looks great and trying few of its own stuff.

cleft51655d ago

The problem is the animation set looks identical to Assassins Creed. It's not as simple as saying this is just another 3rd person game with cover mechanics. In a lot of places, the animation set is identical.

il-JumperMT1655d ago

Too bad Gears of War did not create cover mechanics.

Wingback did on PS2

PunisherRevenge1654d ago

No! every third person game that has cover mechanics is a Kill Switch rip off.

boshi1655d ago

if it is i hope it's at least more intresting than assassin's creed was.

Rockstar1655d ago

Although I am loving AC4 right now.

360ICE1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I agree that it's (more or less) a rip-off, but here's where we part:

"But, when I think about it, is it such a bad thing that Shadow of Mordor is similar to Assassins Creed?"

Yes. Very, very yes. We already get more than one AC game per year. Then there's Watch Dogs that looks pretty similar and is supposedly set in the same universe, and then a middle earth game comes along with an interesting concept and suddenly that's AC too! I swore off AC after AC3 namely because it's always the same thing. Next, I'll probably have to stop playing third person games because they're all Assassin's Creed!

Small overstatement there, but still.

Baka-akaB1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

No its quite not a problem at all . You get the same IP game every year .

If someone else can provide a similar experience in with a different tone , outlook , pace , and possibly far better, it is a good thing .

Just because you're afraid others will jump at some trend , doesnt mean it's an issue . They'll always jump on trends , wichever they are

360ICE1655d ago

I'm not afraid that others will jump the trend. I'm annoyed that people have jumped the trend. I'd rather have a brand new game than an old game in a new package.

If it really is far better than AC, then that's awesome. I find that difficult to conclude without having played it.

Ghoul1655d ago

Who gives a ****

Great innovations in this game, new games and ips is what we need yet some still complain ...

syphon321655d ago

Ridiculous, just because shadow of mordor has some stealth elements. How many other games have these same elements. The whole rip-off thing is utterly stupid. I love the assassins creed franchise and i also watched the gameplay for shadows...some similarities but not enough to warrant this rip off nonsense.

porkChop1655d ago

I'm not sure if you really understand the situation. It's not just that the game looks similar. One of the AC2 leads came out and accused them of stealing entire animation sets and assets from AC2. If the game just looked similar it wouldn't be such a problem.

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