Amazon: PS4 In Stock $399, Knack $39, Mass Effect Wii U Almost $10 & More

Knack is $20 off for the PS4, the PS4 console is back in stock at normal $399 price, Mass Effect Wii U is nearly $10, MLB 12 The Show is $5 for Vita and more at Amazon

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fendernow1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Gamestop is garbage. No deals to be had aside from getting a few used game gems.

MegaRay1625d ago

Why bringing the x1? Butthurt? Lol
I am more of PS guy than xbox but I still feel the hatered in your comment

Perjoss1625d ago

As if by magic, the hatred seems to have vanished!

NeoTribe1624d ago

Wouldnt say gs is garbage... i buy new and used games there and dont have a problem with it at all. Sure, the trade in value isnt all that, which is why i dont usually trade them in. Fact is, what else do you expect from them? Red carpet entry? Back massage in line? Just go buy your damn games and stfu... its a store doing buisness. Derpppp

Alexious1625d ago

Knack is an underrated game, pick it up if you like the genre, you won't regret it

Chris5581625d ago

true especially fun with friends

GraveLord1625d ago

It stands out from the shooters and out there right now. It's not the best platformer, but its not the worst either. It's more of an action game than a platformer though.

MsmackyM1625d ago

EA's crap makes it hard for me to buy Mass Effect 3 for even $10.82. Had they released the trilogy on the Wii U, I would have bought it day one.

erathaol1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Hoping to get my PS4 in March, crossing my fingers on getting a real job by than.


Unlike my current job that is, "Whenever we feel like having you work"


Mikeyy1625d ago

Got my ps4 ordered from Amazon!! Estimated arrival Feb. 6th!!

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