Phil Spencer: "If I were CEO we'd have 130K people building games"

Twitter: Phil Spencer commented that Microsoft would have "130.000" people building games if he were CEO. Obviously, he wasn't talking literally, but it might mean that he would make Microsoft to focus much more on games.

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SkippyPaccino1575d ago

Well... Good thing you're not CEO... Who would We hate on then? The gouvernement? The dude that break dances at the bus stop? The guy That's always blowing bubles with his spit at the Park? Jesus? I don't want to live in a world where I can't hate on Microsoft... (someone hold me I'm scared)

Septic1575d ago

Lol I know right? Well said.

People lump Phil Spencer in with the other suits and don't really know his background. He is really passionate about games but no, drones want to lap up regurgitated musing #984 from Mile Cerny but be critical of this. (Mike C is a G btw)

Let's all tar everyone with the same brush. It's the cool and easy thing to do, especially on the internet.

Anyway, I'm holding you tight.

ShugaCane1575d ago


You can't argue that he seems to be spending more time typing PR blah blah on Twitter, than actually working on games, though...

Septic1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )


Yeah but are you asking him to work on games himself?

He has a gaming background and is always nice enough to answer questions. He's the only one at MS that seems to understand the value of exclusive games and also was kind of to answer my question along with those of others.

Why arent people hating on Shuhei Yoshida then? At one point, it seemed as if all he did was live on Twitter (exaggerating here).

Double standards and the childish responses on here speak more about the posters on here than Phil Spencer.

Its easy to be that condescending dismissive keyboard warrior on the internet. Sometimes I read comments on here and feel like im surrounded by hundreds of clones of the Comic book guy from The Simpsons.

ShugaCane1575d ago


Guy, I see what you mean. I really do.

But come one.. Take a look at the track record of the guy he replied to. Look at its tweets lol. Doesn't it look like it's a complete fake conversation, with the only purpose to give himself (and somehow MS) some artificial credit ?

Septic1575d ago

Yeah that guy was rather freaky no lie. But Phil could have answered to any number of other legit tweets to make that statement if he wanted.

He also replied to mine where I linked an article criticising Mattrick.

cleft51575d ago

The problem with that statement is that it ignores the fact that great games aren't made by a ton of people, but truly passionate people. It's more about small dedicated teams then massive amounts. But you know, his heart is in the right place when he made the statement.

UltimateMaster1575d ago

Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison are the only 2 guys at Xbox that makes sense.
Everyone one else are just a bunch of jackasses that doesn't give a sh*t about gaming what-so-ever, just how much money they can screw people over with.

Vanna1575d ago



Windows 9 will be here before we know it, all will be kay and we can all hate again :p

MazzingerZ1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

To be that kind of CEO demands a very special and unique profile which he doesn´t have just like other hundreds/thousands in the industry

DragonKnight1575d ago

@Septic: People lump Spencer in with the other suits because he does have his share of stupid things he's said/done in relation to the Xbox One.

But if he's really serious about having 130K people (kind of a random number, but ok) building games for the Xbox One, then he needs to be the CEO because that's the direction Microsoft needs for the Xbox One. That's what would make this gen the most heated, highly competitive gen since the SNES/Genesis day.

I personally would love to see that, especially if it meant more commercials like "Sega does what Nintendon't."

Why aren't there any humourous game commercials anymore?

Sh0ckWav31575d ago

we always have EA to hate

UnholyLight1575d ago


......Wait wut??? Shuh gives one word answers, while Phil Spencer actually takes the time to formulate well thought out and introspective responses and you say that PHIL SPENCER is the one playing by PR rules...

Really???? Are you for real here??? I love Shuh and I think of his one word answers as being funny, but really, if there's someone playing the safe PR game it's Shuh.

Loving the double standard you have laid out for us.

andibandit1575d ago

Twitter Yoshida, was tweeting??? Get out of here

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malokevi1575d ago

..... right! =)

I like spence. A likeable face for the Xbox division. Always seems to say the right thing. Videogames wooo.

morganfell1575d ago

If he were CEO? Where have I heard this before?

malokevi1575d ago

Part of me was hoping you were linking to the song "if I had a million dollars".

If I were CEO of MS I'd do the same thing. He's just saying what we're all thinking. Give the guy a break! We're all friends, here.

.... =D

ZodTheRipper1575d ago

A likeable face? Seriously?

creatchee1575d ago

A snarky comment about anything Microsoft-related from morganfell? Where have I heard this before?

SegaSaturn6691575d ago

If he were serious about gaming, he would leave Microsoft and get as far away a possible.

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TomShoe1575d ago

Omg wow, 4 Halo sequels in one year :P

I kid, I kid

GamerzElite1575d ago

If He were a CEO then Microsoft doesn't exist in 2015.

erathaol1575d ago

If I were CEO we would have Pumpkin Pie Thursday!


BallsEye1575d ago

They did open plenty of studios for XO and spent BILLIONS for upcoming games so what's to complain on?

Ctiboi20101575d ago

I'm not saying the amount of money they invested for upcoming games isn't great, in fact it's awesome. I will say that the general concern gamers who like the Xbox brand have is that they are using the money to invest in DLC and early exclusivity rather than true investments in new IP's and 1st party exclusives.

I think it stems from the track record Microsoft's Xbox division has with the Xbox 360...Great games and exclusives in the first few years and then the games started tricking down to the few repeats. Forza, Halo, Gears etc...

I am very excited with the upcoming games the Xbox One has, I just hope that they can truly invest differently in the future where it matters most instead of early exclusivity which just gives a system small bragging rights for a year or so.

kopicha1575d ago

If i were the king, I will give everyone free next gen consoles. Yes I am serious :) Unless Phil is joking

andibandit1575d ago Show
SonofGod1575d ago

This guy is a gamer to the core.

Veneno1574d ago

Then why doesn't he put in an app for Sony? Since his "passion for games" is being wasted at Microsoft?

Chrischi19881575d ago

130k people working for games^^

First you would need like a market, that requires 130k people to work, just for one console, then you need 130k people, who are actually quallified to work on games, because just 130k people with no qualifications to create games, are worth nothing.

denero11575d ago

lmao i'd be the guy who walks across the office occasionally asking "how are things going guys" or "need something from Starbucks?"

unkn0wn1575d ago

I've always been more neutral than not, but why at this point do xbox folks suddenly care about "the value of exclusives". Every one preaches about the evils of the opposition, calling to light the childish antics of fanboyism but fail to recognize their own no matter how subtle. This site is dominated by Sony product and news, and thus whenever there's a news story about a previously exclusive game going multiplat it's said to be a "win" for all gamers, and exclusives are bad. when it's the other way around exclusives are good; so tell me Xbox fans, when exactly are exclusives a good thing?

And believe it or not, a couple years ago when dem Sony supporters were hunted like witches and more rare than leprechauns you people were the same way. O' verily, how I lament the irony and contradictory ostracism. Everyone is the same, it doesn't work like "you Sony fanboys are all the same" or "you Xbox fanboys are all the same". You people are all the same. And there's nothing inherently wrong with that, except for the fact that being a hypocrite is a product of ignorance, one that we are all consumers of

3-4-51575d ago

He's in a position where he has to do all the things the other shyters in the company do, because he's that high up, but not high enough where his opinion matters I guess.

Sometimes he bothers me because he always looks like he's "up to something" or has to fart or something..

But at the same time, I feel like maybe him and maybe a few others are the only ones that "get it" at Microsoft, but they aren't high enough to have an impact.

Microsoft has done their own damage and can't blame anybody but themselves

Eddie201011575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I think maybe he is a good guy, but the problem is there are not many that are in control at Microsoft that are like him. Even he has pushed a lot of PR bull out.

OMG I just read the tweets and came back from the twilight zone....WTF.

Looks like a fake conversation, I have never seen anyone gush over a company so much, I mean I like Sony, Nintendo and Valve but i would never gush like that over any of them.

TBONEJF1575d ago

that's rich you will have to pay those workers a lot of good money for a lot of games Spencer keep dreaming.

liquidhalos1574d ago

If i was CEO id want a secret HQ under a volcano with shark tanks and lasers

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GribbleGrunger1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

victor vianna says all the right things ... just like a typical tweeter ...

ShugaCane1575d ago

"I love MS now. Your products change my life. All is beautiful, fast, fluid, security, revolutionary and with spectacular integration"

I cracked up xD

GribbleGrunger1575d ago

Yeah, I just came back to post that. Sounds legit!

Baka-akaB1575d ago

"I wasn't a MS fan, but in 2010 when MS announces WP, metro interface and latter the Xbox Music, W8, Surface, Outlook bought Skype"

This part is the most ridiculous bit . You didnt like them but this changed your mind ? Yeah right ...

Septic1575d ago

Haha of man. I felt a little sick inside reading that. I bet even Spencer cringed at that.

liquidhalos1575d ago

Its so pathetic, i just cant take anything that comes out of the MS camp seriously anymore

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Chaostar1575d ago

lol she's either an obvious shill or she has a crush on Mr Spencer :D

Baka-akaB1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Sometimes people are just that stupid . Giving them a shill status is sometimes giving them to much credit and a reason , a purpose to be that silly online , when there is none .

snake_eater1575d ago

PR clown that's what he is.

DigitalRaptor1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

He's not a clown, but all of this is for PR.

Notice how it's all of a sudden he's all over Twitter talking about the games. It kind of comes off as in-genuine when he didn't really start out with this attitude but feels like he needs to come out with exaggerated, forced statements about how much he loves games.

It just feels like he's rebounding off how PlayStation's executives are promoting their natural supreme focus on games, as if he needs to remove the stigma that Xbone was made with a lesser focus on gaming than its other purposes, which it was.

PS4isKing_821574d ago

Couldn't agree more. No wonder were already hearing about a rumored price cut. Microsoft is scared of sony's ps4 as they should be. Worldwide sales should be close to 6mil by the end of Feb with Japan launch three weeks away.

tigertron1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Hell, I'll support his bid for CEO if it means the Xbox One gets more exclusives and MS ditches Windows 8...

christocolus1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

130k people working on games....lmao. this guy sure loves games.

I really like this new attitude. Wish Don mattrick left before they started working on the xbx one.

I vote Phil Spencer for office. next CEO of

Bolts-N-Rays11091575d ago

Damn, accidentally hit disagree...

christocolus1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Nah its alright.ive made the same mistake a couple of times.
Phil Spencer rocks. I love his focus on games.Dons ideology was so different and with him gone, Phil is determined to push games this time around. new and old ips alike.

Bolts-N-Rays11091575d ago

Yeah, I really like Spencer. He's one of the few good guys over at MS. They need more people like him.

andibandit1575d ago

Apart from that fact he looks like a duck when hes on stage, he seems alright