Nintendo Wii U Must Have Games

"Wii U which was the first entry in the eight generation of video game home consoles, with high-definition graphics and touchscreen Wii U is not less than a winner in any sense. So here are the Five Must Have Games of Wii U"

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Venox20081327d ago

good list, I will add:

Runner 2, Mighty switch force series, Nano assault: neo

wonderfulmonkeyman1327d ago

I actually own Nano.
It's a great game. Short on levels but long on challenge, and the leaderboard rankings are tough to break into, let alone top...

gpturbo811327d ago

about as challenging to get onto the zen pinball leaderboards.

higgins781324d ago

Pikmin 3, surely. Also Nintendo Remix is a great challenge and nostalgia trip for those of us old enough to remember the original NES games.