The Order 1886: Gameplay Footage Teased: "Will Wow You;" Details Shared on "Amazing" Engine and Hair

The Order 1886 has been unveiled in June and then Ready at Dawn has almost gone into radio silence. Yet something seems to be brewing behind the scenes as NeoGaf user DemonNyte, known to be a Sony Computer Entertainment employee (and a quite trustworthy one at that) revealed on the forums. He also gave details on the engine backed by Ready at Dawn's founder Andrea Pessino.

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Kayant1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Oh yh I remember reading this and going O_o

DemonNite is such a tease. We need a leaker like ntkrnl on the sony side also :)

Edit -


Shhhh we don't want him to go in hiding now :p

Abriael1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Haha, don't we have plenty already? Or you mean someone Sony wants to sue?

edit: lol, you saw that before I edited. Shhh.

Kayant1479d ago

I guess we do but they are so tight lipped majority of the time :( Can't we have some slips for a changes :)

ZodTheRipper1479d ago

I want to see this. now.

I'd say we'll get the gameplay reveal latest on February 22rd with the Japan launch.

GarrusVakarian1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Can't wait to see it in action, love the setting, really interested in how the 19th century setting will work with the supernatural elements. And the attention to detail on the characters and their outfits is crazy, i thought this article was really interesting -

A bigger picture of the character models -

The textures/shading of each material, the detail...i mean, just look at the detail on the leather gloves and the carvings in the gauntlets. Amazing.

morganfell1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

If in fact MS really wants to sue ntkrnl...

Think about it. They have a guy leak info. If the public hates it then it is false info. If the public likes it they throw the plan into action. The date may not be when the leaker proposed but hey, the guy is accurate. This saves MS from having to announce something they are committed to only to discover it has angered gamers. Sites like Gaf become free sounding boards with no cost in money or reputation damage to MS.

As regards The Order, we know the original trailer was running engine assets so it will be interesting to see how far they can push an original PS4 title. They did amazing things with the PSP so I am looking forward to this and do believe it will hit this year as Sony UK has said as much already.


Sony Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn were exchanging tweets indicating this as well:

amiga-man1479d ago

I knew this game looked something special but the links from Lukas show some amazing stuff, some people think Ryse is graphically impressive, those people should check this out.

It screams next gen.

Freedomland1479d ago

Unleash the power of the mighty PS4 with this gem of a game.

Prime1571479d ago

What I want to say about lukas' screens would get me bubbles down for immaturity. So I'm sucking it up and only saying... hot Damn!! Can't wait to see more!

Edsword1479d ago

@lukas - game looks amazing, but they really don't seem to like blondes, haha, all the characters actually look related.

UltraNova1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )


If you like that kind of a setting why wait for The Order when Dishonored is already out? It should quench your thirst until the order arrives.

Its cheap now and it fucking rocks!

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malokevi1479d ago

Has gaming always been like this? Every time we hear about an upcoming game its "so incredible that you will get diabedies" when you see it.

I mean, dont get me wrong, I'm excited to see what's cooking, but if the next batch of games aren't better than Jesus I'm going to be disappointed.

amiga-man1479d ago

malokevi :but if the next batch of games aren't better than Jesus I'm going to be disappointed.

You been playing Ryse haven't you

malokevi1479d ago

Never tried it, actually. Is that supposed to be a dig at Ryse or something? I've heard it's fun, not better than Jesus though. My statement applies to both platforms.

amiga-man1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Malokevi chill it was a joke, it applies to games on all platforms I actually agree with you, Ryse is a perfect example of what you are talking about, pretty graphics mean nothing without gameplay.

Edsword1479d ago

I pretty sure you are not going to find a game that is better than Jesus, but there are some good ones out there.

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Lunarassassin1479d ago

I'm starting to think we'll get gameplay on the anniversary of the PS4 unveil.

gigoran1478d ago

Kotaku: The only "gaming...." website that knowingly accepts information gathered by hackers (and pays them) then the next day write a large article about how bad they are.

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4ShotKing1479d ago

Amazing hair, wonder if it utilizes TressFx, pretty interesting.

Abriael1479d ago

incidentally, that part responded to a question on whether they'd use TressFx. So I suppose they'll use their own tech.

MightyNoX1479d ago

Badass Facial Hair: The Game

GarrusVakarian1479d ago

Noble beards and moustaches : 1886

Arkardo1479d ago

Hahahaha best reply ever :)

morganfell1479d ago

They are coming back in to style. Several companies have had a drop in stock value since revenues are down as men are buying far less shaving products. Bring on the mutton chops.

Veneno1479d ago

Real men rock the facial hair. Period. no backsies.

WeAreLegion1479d ago

I think MLB 14: The Show has that covered. ;)

Edi0071479d ago

maybe they keep the trailer for japanees launche event

Studio-YaMi1479d ago

I'm having the same hunch,hopefully it will be sooner than that,but we shall see.

GribbleGrunger1479d ago

I hope they don't. I know the graphics are going to be great and I also know that the gameplay is going to be great too, but what I'm more interested in is the quality of script and acting. If they show it in Japan It's likely to be in Japanese.

DeadlyFire1479d ago

or. Wait until Titanfall is about to launch in March around GDC and drop it.

jmac531479d ago

Sony did say they will have some things to show at GDC.

Edi0071479d ago

sony have a lot to show : santa monica game, media molecule ps4 game,quantic dream ps4 game, uncharted , the order, shadow of the beast, the indies like rime and rapture... the demons soul spin off that they tease ...

johny51479d ago

Graphics really are starting to appear CGI like!

Games like this are above and beyond what is capable with the PS# or Xbox 360 even comparing the best of the best like The Last of Us or Uncharted doesn't even come close to the dynamic real time effects going on in these scenes and gameplay!

I was always impressed with the CGI footage for God of War 1/2, the Final Fantasy series and Onimusha and always wondered when we would get to see gameplay Graphics like that but things really hit home when I played God of War 3 and now I know we will See Graphics that rival those FMV videos when they appear on the PS4 and if anything is to go by Square Enix's Aegis Philosophy's tech demo then where in for a real treat!

mysteryraz111479d ago

god of war 3 surpassed the cgi in the god of war ps2 games it looks way better

DeadlyFire1478d ago

Get Even among other games and developers are using new Laser scanning techniques for textures so things will get even better 2015 and on forward.