5 reasons Why Activision needs to rethink about Call Of Duty

Gadgetgyaan: Call of Duty, popularly known as CoD is among the longest running Video game series which was started back in 2003. CoD is being published by Activision. We have played all the parts and have gone from easy level to the Veteran mode. But with Activision just publishing the game and have made some rule like new game each year from this series. But by Time CoD has somewhere lost its touch and below are the 5 reasons why CoD is calling for Action and why Activision should rethink on it.

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hiredhelp1629d ago

I Know i like 5 Reasons what could make Call Of Duty better...
Bigger Maps
Longer SP
Unlocks takes Longer to unlock
Deadicated servers As standard
New Engine

Oh maybe vieachles that Move?

Gadgetgyaan1628d ago

There are vehicles being used for moving but not at that rate and most of the time the player doesn't gets the chance to drive themselves.

gantarat1628d ago

1 Reason what could make Call Of Duty better
Go back World War 2

Vegamyster1628d ago

Minus "Longer SP" it sounds like you want it to be like BF :P

Gadgetgyaan1628d ago

BF4 was much better than Ghosts.

Vegamyster1628d ago


Well i haven't played Ghosts so i can't argue with that, but the issue i have with BF4 is the amount of bugs it's had from it randomly & frequently crashing to it now having no sound in the first game you play.

ziggurcat1628d ago

they need to go back to world war I / II.

Gadgetgyaan1628d ago

They have already covered it. But, it would be exciting to play games with high end graphics based on WW.

Vegamyster1628d ago

Using a brand new engine, actual gun sounds and make it so all guns can be useful instead of having those few that are clearly better then the rest. Also always give Treyarch the PC port since they actually give basic options such as FoV lol.

lnfiniteLoop1628d ago

update the MW2 game for next gen… release every map from all previous COD/MW games but with updated graphics… some of the previous maps were larger than the new ones, for some reason the maps have been getting smaller…

remove quickscoping and no scoping…

stop the hacking and prestige glitching - ban those players outright by mac address, so they never play online again…

Matt6661628d ago

IF they updated MW2 then it would just be another copy/paste job then people would complain, they need to really think outside the box to blow every one away, but I agree with you about the quickscoping and no scoping, they should remove that, also dull down the power of the knife, it's way over powered, in addition to this get rid of the stupid perks like unlimited sprint and no falling damage. One last thing make it more realistic like the 50 cal sniper should kill in one hit, no matter where it hits.

lnfiniteLoop1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

by updating MW2… I mean new game engine, better graphics etc… leave the gameplay the same as MW2 was probably the most fun had in the series (multiplayer) also I liked the perks and killstreaks too… also really loved maps like overgrown, creek and broadcast even the one on the ship was fun (forget its name), bring back all old the maps… most of the new maps are rubbish…

make snipers work for their kills, none of the bang one shot your dead… without any effort of holding breath its really pathetic… at least snipers in COD4 had to make some effort…

if COD4 and MW2 weren't hacked to death I would be still be playing them now… people should be banned from online play for hacking a game...

must admit I did enjoy the space (single player) bits on Ghosts...

Matt6661627d ago

"make snipers work for their kills, none of the bang one shot your dead…" You do realize that the 50 cal is the worlds most powerful sniper rifle capable of killing in one hit and also capable of going though light armored vehicles, also I agree some of the bigger maps where good, but COD 4 also had good maps but some of the perks and weapon balancing over the COD series where ridiculous though, like commando, one kill with the knife, throwing knife, etc, anywhere on the body they need to make a new engine with some big ass maps, with more players and better perks and weapon balancing needs to be better, lets face it who ever does "the weapon research" for COD knows nothing they need to go and ask the armed forces not kids, because half the time I sure they listen to idiots like Ali-a.

sham1628d ago

For me bigger maps will be good

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