8.8% of the Japanese Want a PS4, 3.2% Want a Xbox One According to New Survey; Xbox One Improves

A new survey conducted in Japan shows the percentages of those that want to buy a PS4 and those that want to buy a Xbox One.

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GribbleGrunger1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Around 3:1? I can tell you now that the sales are not going to reflect this survey. 8:1 to the PS4 would be a 'conservative' estimate.

Kayant1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Also we don't know for sure when XB1 is releasing there seeing as the recent leaks suggests april now unlike the others which say near fall 2014. Even though it wouldn't make much difference but still.

I do wonder if MS will launch with some Japanese orientated software. If not all they have will be Titanfall which should appeal to some people to a degree.

Abriael1575d ago

Phil spencer said we'll see more Japanese developed xbox one stuff at E3

indyman771575d ago

8:1 is very conservative. If it was more like 40:1 I would agree. Even the most in denial xbox fan will admit this survey is wrong. This survery is just as wrong as the surveys that told Microsoft that, people would not revolt against them taking away their ownership.

NeloAnjelo Just gave a much more realistic ratio.

EXVirtual1575d ago

Like Abriael said, we're apparently gonna see more Japanese stuff at E3 for the XBO. I don't think any of them will be exclusive though (due to obvious reasons). I'm not surprised by this survey, but I agree with Gribble. 8:1 easily in Japan.

Kevin ButIer1575d ago

31.6% in their fifties or older. Lol who the hell made this survey, no wonder why the "not planning" to buy" option is so high...

UltimateMaster1575d ago

Last gen, PS3 won Japan 6:1 against Xbox 360.
I honestly don't know why they still try to go for Asia, but whatever...

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n4rc1575d ago

Lol.. Its always funny how you guys keep doing this..

Data shows 3:1 (survey so not 100% at all) and you all pull some insane number out of your asses..Lol.. It was like 6:1 or 10:1 for overall sales and when 4:3 ended up being the figure, nobody learned anything lol

Hicken1575d ago

C'mon, man. Use your head.

It probably has something to do with how the previous two generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles have sold, which is far beyond 3:1. Couple that with the general lack of interest in Xbox in Japan, little to no games that appeal to the Japanese on the console or announced for the future, and not even a tentative release date.

n4rc1575d ago

Things change..

If sony can gain ground in NA, then why can't ms do the same in Japan?

Hicken1575d ago

For one, because Sony is REGAINING ground in North America. They're no strangers to catering to western markets. They have a very strong history of doing just that, and the vast majority of gamers are old enough to remember the PS2, if not the PS1.

Sony's shown a commitment to bringing out a variety of titles that appeal to markets of all tastes, something Microsoft hasn't really done. Sure, they bought up exclusivity for a few JRPGs last gen, but most of them were early on, and they were few and far between. At no point did they display an understanding of the Japanese market, just a desire to buy their way in and profit from that market.

Things DO change, but in what ways has Microsoft shown they're changing their approach in Japan in order to be more successful? At last report- or rumor- Phil Spencer even went as far as denying that Microsoft Osaka exists. What games or partnerships have they announced that benefit Japanese gamers? Hell, when is the XB1 even RELEASING in Japan?

In no way am I saying it's impossible for Microsoft to do better than they did last time around(and the time before that). But the likelihood is slim that, compared to the PS4, they'll gain any marketshare in Japan. They're just not taking the necessary actions.

On the other hand, Sony's seen success in North America, and knows what it takes to have that success. So it's a far easier task for them to return to that.

The two situations really aren't comparable.

Ashlen1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Haha did they only question people on the US military base or something?

MasterCornholio1575d ago

Its just what i expected. As before the Xbox One will sell horribly in Japan.

NeloAnjelo1575d ago

For every 500 PS4s sold, less than 10 XBONEs will be sold in Japan,

UKRsoldier1575d ago

So now it's 50:1? Lol. Why not 5000:1? Teh almighty ps foouuurrrr

GenericNameHere1575d ago

Since I haven't seen this meme in like forever, I'll say it for old times sake.

"Have you seen Titanfall?" Well, I guess the Japanese HAVE seen Titanfall. I said GAWDAHM! A small increase is still an increase. Is Titanfall also releasing in Japan in March on the 360 and PC, or are they waiting until the Xbone releases? Better have Gundam mods, and [email protected] and AKB48 skins if you want them big bucks, EA!

WeAreLegion1575d ago

Titanfall won't be as big in Japan as it is in NA and EU.

TomShoe1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Titanfall is releasing WW in March. I don't even think the XBO will be out there in that time frame.

Besides, a lot of gamers in Asia are big on PC, anyway. Just because giant robots doesn't mean Japan will love it automatically.

christocolus1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Not surprised, sony has a stronghold there but titanfall impressed alot of japanese gamers at tgs and with Don gone i believe Phil can invest in more japanese developed titles. im guessing the xbx one will sell considerably better than the xbx 360 though...

Pls phil bring back lost odysee,otogi,blinx and bludragon while you are at it.

NeoTribe1575d ago

No it wont. Why would they want an x1 when they cant even take advantage of its gimmicky features so many americans seem to salivate over.

christocolus1575d ago

Well,i believe time will tell if im right or wrong,either way im glad ms is launching in japan and not leaving their fans there in the dust.atleast those who joined in this survey get to try it out.

DigitalRaptor1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Japanese games may be into the mech genre, but they're smarter and have more defined tastes than what, when you break it down, Titanfall is First-person shooter Call of Duty style gameplay.

It's important to be realistic when looking at MS and Japan. That market has unique sensibilities and MS already are not a trusted/desired company - think about how the reveal and DRM debacle, and non-gaming focus affected that market's proud sensibilities even more. Their multimedia focus is already a very American-exclusive focus, and Japanese know what they want in this industry. Content that supports their tastes and sensibilities.

The only way MS will get significant foothold in Japan (aside from 'Adult' Kinect experiences), is if they buy exclusive content, and that serves nobody in the grand scheme of things, for obvious and already established reasons. It didn't help anyone when they tried it with the 360, and it won't do anything for the Xbone.

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