Release Dates for Episode Two of The Wolf Among Us Revealed

From the story - Mid-January a post on the Telltale Games Community revealed that the second episode of The Wolf Among Us, titled Smoke & Mirrors, would be arriving in February. Telltale Games has held true, announcing the official release dates.

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Jasimulator1506d ago

Is this going to be released quarterly or what?

So glad I didn't' buy it back in October, for now, I'm going to hold on all of Telltale games until they release their episodes faster.

Anyone played Back to the Future? is it any good?

stamps791506d ago

I was one of the unlucky ones that bought this game on Oct 11th, longest wait ever. :(

Vitalogy1506d ago

Same boat here :( but I did worst, I bought the season pass, I regret now :\

They should stick to one franchise at the time instead of mixing all up. And wasn't this game supposed to release on the Vita at the same time, as well as season 2 of TWD?

Jasimulator1506d ago

Seriously, I think gamers should start a refund petition, at least we can get the games that are on sale right now, then we'll get the game after episode 4 or 5.