Xbox One With No Disc Drive For $399, Would You Buy It?

Gaming Blend "The biggest rumor to catch traction and create a ton of discussion lately, is one about a disc-less Xbox One, or what I like to call “Old ball-less”."

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1OddWorld1631d ago

This will not help at all. Removing the disc drive to compete with Sony in pricing may resolve your pricing issue but it opens the door to another reason why not to buy your console. It doesn't have the power of the PS4 and has no bluray drive. Only thing they can do is eat $100 more of the cost of the unit and sell it at $399 and hope there exclusives keep people buying there product.

ZodTheRipper1631d ago

People will have the choice between the complete package and a crippled, inferior console. Wonder what they're going to buy.

I for one don't see the value of getting a Xbox One at all if you already own a PS4. Spend your money on a good PC or a Nintendo console instead.

johndoe112111631d ago

I don't know which is worse, this or that 12GB ps3 sony was selling.

ProjectVulcan1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Removing the drive leaves you at the mercy of Microsoft and other publishers digital content pricing models which they would completely control on such a closed platform.

You would surely have to be a madman to submit yourself to that considering the way games are still priced on the store.

Talk about a false economy, saving $100 on a machine with no drive, you would probably lose that by the fixed digital prices within the first year of owning the machine

shivvy241631d ago

Nope, games are now 50gb and my max is 200gb/month,, secondly it would take at best 20 hours to download. Throw away the Kinect and make a 1tb model and yeah I'm happy. I'm probably gonna buy the normal one at the end of the year anyways

Why o why1631d ago

Judging by ms's original dastardly plan, I'm guessing ms would love you to buy it. Parity on price would help for some but its never only about price is it. Simple deduction would see the varying values nkt being on par unless you totally love all that kinect brings.

badz1491631d ago


definitely this BD drive-less is worse! with the 12GB, you can put any 2.5" HDD to your liking and 1TB drive cost like what, $60? and you will have arguably the best multimedia device currently on the market!

with this, you not only won't be able to watch BD movies, you can't trade in your games as all your games will be digital and the HDD is unswappable too unless you void your warranty. but hey, you get Kinect!

morganfell1631d ago

@Why o why,

Microsoft indicated that their idea was correct, merely we ignorant consumers could not comprehend their brilliance because it was not properly related to the hayseed dirt farmers that compose the gaming demographic. I guess they are not through attempting to force their superior vision on us all.

I personally think this is what happens when corporations become desperate. People can scream all they want about dedicated servers and Azure but if MS had anything in place even remotely resembling Playstation Now we would have heard them raving over it. And unless that feature is present and fuctioning the day this hits the shelves then this device is doomed.

All this console is going to do is make some unwitting buyers angry and further give the MS Board reasons to dump or spin off the division.

amiga-man1631d ago

So the all in one machine that isn't.

Great thinking M$ great thinking.

thehitman1631d ago

Thing that confuses me is that in order to drop the price they would have to remove Kinect. Removing the disc drive and putting in a 1 TB HD doesnt drop the cost of production. Which is why this rumor of it being $399 has to be false. Unless Kinect is removed there will be no xb1 for 400 or less. If this is true than MS is either A. going to take a 100-150 hit on the console or B. They scammed the first adopters with an OP console that it is.

RiPPn1631d ago

@johndoe11211: this is far different than the 12GB PS3, because you could buy it cheap then swap in a hard drive of your choice. And since most people do this anyway it makes perfect sense for them. The diskless Xbone is crippled with no way of changing that state. So apples and oranges really.

SmielmaN1631d ago

It would be the DRMbox1. $400 for a glorified rental/streaming device that can't even play a DVD/bluray disc? No thanks. That's retarded

Septic1631d ago

Itll be like that arcade 360 unit again, except much worse...

otherZinc1631d ago


You guys continue to tout all this PS4 Power when there are zero next-generation games on the PS4 that display 1080p "native" 60fps power in 1 single game in both online & offline modes.

None! Yet, Forza 5 is the Only 1080p "native" 60fps next-generation game on either console. All PS4 can give are last-generation ports in 1080p with fluctuating frame rates. Ports.

M$ doesn't need to lower price as they have: TitanFall & Halo 5 on the way to drive sales.

Also, the PS4 was touted as easy to program for
Where's Drive Club?

KillrateOmega1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


Forza 5? Don't make me laugh. That game is barely next-gen:

1) It's a racing game. The only important things the developers have to spend their time on are the track and the cars themselves.

2) To even hit that fidelity, they had to make several cutbacks to the overall product.

3) Gran Turismo 6 manages 1080p/60fps on the PS3, hardware from 2006. Forza 5 doing the same on next-gen hardware is nothing impressive.

"Also, the PS4 was touted as easy to program for. Where's Drive Club?"

Yeah. Sure. Because there exist no other reasons why a game might be delayed :P

johndoe112111631d ago


Very good point. You could still upgrade the drive in that ps3 model.

johndoe112111631d ago


And yet your precious xbone couldn't even do 1080p 60fps on that last Gen port without dropping to frames as low as 18fps. Hmmmmm interesting system you got there.....

ABizzel11631d ago

No Kinect for $399 yes.
No drive for $399 no.

Edsword1631d ago

Remixing the disc drive would essentially make the PS4 the better all in one soliton. Why would they do that it? Would they still call it XB1 or maybe the XB0.

abzdine1631d ago

Sony are earning cash from each x1 sold i have read.
X1 with no disc drive will be DOA exactly like PSP Go.

xxShadow-Shockxx1631d ago

This is almost the dumbest idea they've had yet. Ok your on par with the price of the ps4 but you still have weaker hardware, and now you no longer have a disk drive which the ps4 will still have, there goes being able to watch dvd's, blu rays, and your ability to trade, borrow, and sell games. If your gonna take something away take out kinect, Just leave it how it is.

redwin1631d ago

I guess a steam box = yes
I guess a Xbox One.5 = no

Mmmmmmmmmmm, I think it's in the name
The company makes money in the install per unit and if they sell a Xbox w/o drive and the games remain expensive people will have their console but not games and that won't bode well with investors. The problem is, coming out this early in the game with a different unit. I'm sure that in about 3 years they'll come out with a console without a disk drive and an integrated kinect. Probably they'll wait for Sony to do it first so it's excepted, just like they are doing with the games in the cloud. Lol. They waited for Sony to come out with PSnow, it'll be excepted. They know it, Sony can do no wrong!

UKRsoldier1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Omega -

"3) Gran Turismo 6 manages 1080p/60fps on the PS3, hardware from 2006. Forza 5 doing the same on next-gen hardware is nothing impressive."

Sony fanboys love throwing that out there, expcept that's a lie. 1440x1080 is not the same as 1920x1080, and on top of that, Gran Turismo only runs 60fps when you're doing time trials with one car on screen. Multiple cars cause it to dip to 30fps. Forza is locked at 1920x1080/60 no matter what.

There was even a comparison done between GT5 and GT6 by digital foundry or whatever, and GT5 was in 1280x1080 and ran smoother than GT6. GT6 gained extra rez but lost fps.

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GarrusVakarian1631d ago

My problem is with the kinect, take that out and make it the same price as the PS4 and then i'll be interested. I WANT a disc drive, i have no interest in going all-digital.

jerethdagryphon1631d ago

The 12 gig one still had a had bay that could be filled later. It was great for a 2nd or 3rd psi to play games with that were not splits creen

etownone1631d ago

Your right...

Tbh... I have an Xbox One... And the Kinnect is pretty much useless for me now other then turning everything on and off. The other bells and whistles crap...... that gimmick lasted about a week.

MS should just drop the price to $399 for the complete package and forget about a Xbox One sans br drive.

TomShoe1631d ago

I just like the feel of my discs when I hold them...

xxShadow-Shockxx1631d ago

I just bought an xbox one yesterday, and so far the kinect doesn't seem to be worth the extra $100

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come_bom1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

"Xbox One With No Disc Drive For $399, Would You Buy It?"

Absolutely NOT!
Xbox One With No Disc Drive would turn the X1 in the console that Microsoft tried to implement before all the changes (not being allowed to play used games, always online, DRM, etc). Microsoft are really stubborn bastards, trying to fool their users.

I would probably purchase a Kinectless X1 (with a disc drive) for 350€.

UKRsoldier1631d ago

Are you saying that a discless XB1 would force you to always be online to play? How???? You don't need to be online now to play your games if you bought them digitally, so why would you then? And on top of that, any digital games you buy now already have DRM, on EVERY system, ps3/ps4/360 included. So what's the diff?

parentoftheyear1631d ago

I agree. Although I want a cheaper xb1. There are still too many people with bandwidth caps and slow conmections , 60gb would be 20% of my monthly allowance.

DOOMZ1631d ago

Only if they drop prices for digital content from the market!! If its cheaper just to download it, then its worth it. If I have to pay full price, then I want a physical copy.

otherZinc1631d ago


Wouldn't be able to play my old classic music cd's.
Also, old movie cd's.

kewlkat0071631d ago

I don't watch bluray movies...I have 17TB media server.

I have yet to buy a game disc with my xboxone..I like being able to switch games on the fly.

I would have no problems with this...

Arkardo1631d ago

Yeah man like everyone in the world that can download 60 gb for one game so easily, you are like the 95% of the gamer population...

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GribbleGrunger1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I'm curious to see if this is indeed the direction MS take because I find it an odd strategy (if true) that won't suit either camp -- casuals OR hardcore.

The hardcore crowd are not going to be swayed by pricing; they're the very people that look beyond price and at the tech within the product, and clearly the PS4 still wins in that regard. These people WILL consider framerate and resolution.

The casuals will surely buy a console for more than just gaming and one of those draws is DVD and Blu-ray playback. They're also less likely to shop digitally. It may lower the price to be on a par with the PS4 but it hands Sony a perfect marketing strategy in the process.

BUT, it's the lesser of two evils because the casual market are the very people who like Kinect and the games that come with it. Voice recognition is also more attractive to the casuals who invariably get seduced by the idea of a 'futuristic' feature ... So removing Kinect instead could have worse repercussions than removing the disc drive.

MS are in an uncomfortable position regardless of which they choose and so I'm not certain any of these rumours will come to fruition. It would be better for them to cut the price and just endure the bigger loss for a while. There is the option of putting a TB hard drive into the X1 and hoping the 'value' proposition helps spur more sales but I don't see that helping much outside of America.

MightyNoX1631d ago

Good post. Reading through it, it struck me how much MS is in a trap of its own design. A lot of people claim that the reduction in OS, the discless version, the price reduction are knee-jerk reactions to Sony but they're really just band-aids on self-inflicted wounds.

Why o why1631d ago

Pretty much covered all angles....maybe theres others but I can't think of any

pompombrum1631d ago

Nicely written and a good summary of how I see it too. I'm currently looking to buy a next gen console probably at the end of next month or early April and at the moment, I'm more swayed to the Xbox One simply because most of the fifa clubs community is moving over to that. If Microsoft really do go the way of lowering the price by keeping kinect and removing the disc drive, then in my eyes, that's making a strong statement and one I refuse to support.

ThatCanadianGuy5141631d ago

Sounds like future DRM mischief to me.

mhunterjr1631d ago

This doesn't make any sense. The only reason the old DRM (24hr check in) existed was because they were trying to sell physical copies with digital licenses... they needed a way to make sure to users didn't install a game, and then give the disc to everyone else to install.

Having a disc-less console wouldn't bring back the 24hr check in, because their would be no way to physically transfer copies. They would just use their current digital sale policy, which is pretty much the same one Valve, Sony and Nintendo use.

badz1491631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

damn double post!

badz1491631d ago

there's really no reason for the 24H check-in in the first place. gamers have been installing games on 360 for couple of years now and they don't have to check-in daily, just need the original disc in the tray for verification. why can't they stay like THAT?

mhunterjr1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


It appears you still don't get it. The whole point was to NOT NEED the disc after installation. The plan was for gamers to install games on there consoles, then be able to play them WITHOUT the disk, and from any connected console anywhere.

The biggest downside of aiming for that feature was that they needed a way to make sure that multiple people couldn't install and play the same disc at the same time.

That's where the 24hr check in came in.

When they removed the drm, it meant needing to have the disc in the console.just like things were on 360 and ps3.

Ofcourse, the real aim behind all of this was to curb used games sales.
With a disc-less console. There are no physical transfers, so no need for check-ins (just as there are no check ins for digital titles now) AND no used games sales.

liquidhalos1631d ago

Thats the first thing i thought when i heard the rumour.

nick3091631d ago

Worth to me as i never buy discs and buy only digital.

NoLongerHereCBA1631d ago

That's great for you, but I'm not so sure that a lot of people feel the same way. I don't have an Xbox One yet, but I'll never buy one without a disc drive. Going by the digital prices 'last'-gen it'll be much more expensive in the long run. Games that you can buy for 10 euro in stores are still 40+ euro on the Marketplace.

I hope they stick to what they are doing now and just make the price a bit lower (if possible) in a couple of months time. Doing it now seems way to desperate.

b777conehead1631d ago

there not discontinuing the other x box one. there giveing people a choice

NoLongerHereCBA1630d ago

@b777conehead I know (if the rumor turns out to be true). I'm just stating that I don't think that this is what a lot of people are really waiting for and that I don't see it being worth the 100$ price if they don't have proper digital price reductions and special sales that knock off 70% of the price sometimes.

Digital prices this gen (xbox 360) have been ridiculous and still are.

liquidhalos1631d ago

Why would you do that, you dont get bargain bins on the live marketplace, they were asking full pelt for quite a few old ass games on the 360. The only ones i ever downloaded were arcade games. Id never buy a digital AAA game, the prices are silly

SmielmaN1631d ago

You must have more money than you know what to do with then. With regards to gaming I like my physical copy because I buy A LOT of games. Some are crap so I can trade them back into the store within a week or so and get at least half my money back and put towards another game. If I spent $60 to digitally download a garbage game then I would just be infuriated.

I make a great wage In a dual income household but you must have money falling out of your pockets, socks, shoes, etc. lol. Seriously though, your foolish if you spend $60 on a downloaded game when you could spend the same amount, have a physical copy, beat the game, and trade it to recoup some money back from the multimillion and billion dollar corporations.

nick3091631d ago

I hardly buy games. 4 a year max i buy

bleedsoe9mm1631d ago

i'm the same way , i'd buy a discless xb1 because i'm not even sure if mine works , i love no discs to bother with

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hollabox1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

No, I'll keep my ability to trade in games when I'm done with them. Besides my ISP (AT&T) cap is 250 GBs, with the size of first generation titles I would hit that limit if I purchased 5-8 games or so a month.

They should remove Kinect, putting that damn thing in only drove up the cost decreasing budget for more important processors like the GPU. Make it optional, my fiancée enjoys it for Zumba, but beyond that I have no use for it.

Funky Town_TX1631d ago

Yoy get 5-8 games a month. Wow

hollabox1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Well some months like November and December I've purchased that many games or more depending on Black Friday and other bargain bin sales. Again I like trading my games in when I'm done, I don't like having old games on my account like Steam. When I'm have done I like to recoup some money back instead of the game being a lost cause I can't even give away.

Besides I don't want to sit there and have 30GBs or more games downloading on my limited 25mb internet connection. I've downloaded a couple of 30 plus GBs games and damn did it take 6 plus hours. I would rather just pop the BRD and install my games in under one hour.