Phil Spencer: "No Comments" on Xbox One leaks, Games with Gold for XB1 to be Revealed "Fairly Soon"

GearNuke: "Recently, a surge of rumors started over the Xbox One and its 2014 line-up when an alleged Microsoft employee spilled a lot of beans on the games and Microsoft's marketing plan for the Xbox One. Phil Spencer seemed rather upset over it on twitter."

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theWB271602d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Then it's(mostly) true. Hotdamn that's a nice lineup this year.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1601d ago

halo halo halo lol wat great news

theWB271601d ago

I love yes great news.

christocolus1601d ago

Halo ,halo,Halo? funny cos im guessing you did'nt even read about the leak,if you did you would have been better informed. halo,halo,halo?..wth...lmao.

BG115791601d ago

Those news were kind of hollow, weren't they?

DevilishSix1601d ago

Nice lineup, really? The leaks had

New Gears in 2016 earliest
Halo 5 pushed to 2015
Crackdown 2016
Fable 2015

Thats a nice lineup this year? I guess reworked Halo 2 in hd makes great lineup this year.

theWB271601d ago

It had Forza Horizon at the end of the year along with Titanfall releasing shortly, Quantum Break from Remedy, Sunset Overdrive with a possible Halo 2 remake...yes that sounds like a good lineup for year one.

AngelicIceDiamond1601d ago

Wow there's been ALLOT of Xbone news lately.

UnholyLight1601d ago

Honestly not sure why the guy gets so much hate, he genuinely loves the products he stands by and it probably really does upset him to see rumours popping up ahead of an official confirmation etc which sort of impacts any sort of credibility and surprises Microsoft may have.

Personally I really like the guy

AnEwGuY1601d ago

He only gets hate from the haters... i.e. Sony fanboys and general MS haters.

GuruMeditation1601d ago

I don't agree with the hate, I want both major players to succeed. But can we please stop with the paranoia and calling people haters... It's right up there with duckface selfies as far as I'm concerned. Calling out teh haters is all very 12-year-old girl.

AnEwGuY1601d ago

Fine...I'll call them the baseless dislikers then. Is that better? /s

abzdine1601d ago

on the opposite of what you say he only gets love from xbox fanboys.

Bolts-N-Rays11091601d ago

Yeah, Phil Spencer is one of the good guys over at MS.

DevilishSix1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I think most of the hate is because he has a pretty boy or preppy look to him. I could have swore I read somewhere Phil was voted the most punchable face in the industry. That should tell you all you need to know.

Personally I like Phil, but I want him to make sure there are new IP's during this entire gen and that exclusives do not dry up on X1 like they have on 360. Phil that will not be acceptable.

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AngelicIceDiamond1601d ago

Btw to all who said "Forza 5 is weak because it can't do day and night."

That's what the spin off series Forza Horizon for the Xbox 360 is for.

There's your day and night.

CernaML1601d ago

Yes... and it runs at 30fps as a result.

Kingthrash3601601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )


the end. facts no arguing.
i dont mind diagrees...but why? they are arguing over fps and what just showing all known fps and rez for up coming games.
they bickering for some reason im just showing them all the differances so they can stop the kid sh!t.

we all know ps4 kills..we knew since we could compare specs back in august. x1 fanboys stop being blind, and sony fanboys stop kickin old news around...grow up.
enjoy games...

UnholyLight1601d ago

Do you not see the Apples to Oranges comparison you just did there? @CernaML

Xbox 360 capability =/= Xbox One capability

Nice try though :)

I'm pretty sure Forza, and Driveclub for the matter will both meet 60FPS targets (If Forza goes that direction) for a Day/Night cycle

CernaML1599d ago

@Unholy, uhhh I wasnt the first one to even bring up Forza Horizon. And what does it matter anyway? Both Forza 4 and Horizon were on the 360. One of them was able to achieve 60fps. However, another game on the competing platform managed to do both 60fps *and* dynamic time of day and weather.

It was silly for Angelic to bring up Horizon at all. Hell, his comment literally sounded like something Don Mattrick would say.

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Riderz13371601d ago

They want Day and Night in a mainline Forza game, not a spin off.

AngelicIceDiamond1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

According to who? Who's they?

Who cares its still Forza? Its a Forza free Roam game.

With day and night and all.

@King Yeah I know that and? I'm talking about the people who complain about Forza 5 not having day and night cycles.

Septic1601d ago

The day and night issue has been blown out of proportion by fanboys. Once Forza has that, people will desperately move the goalposts to something else.

If only more people commented on how much fun the actual game is.

nix1601d ago

after the Forza gets day/night, it'll move to weather. be ready.

it's just like GT series and how it never had damage and it went one for years. when GT5 came out everyone (reviewers) hated it. called it "clunky". so it's not like the hate is only being thrown at Forza.

liquidhalos1601d ago

Im one of they, i was an avid forza supporter, forza 3 and 4 consumed huge chunks of my life, HUGE chunks. I always wanted day and night in the main forza titles. Always.

Obscure_Observer1601d ago


You´re right! Dan Greenawalt had to deal whit ALOT of enraged rant from Forza fans, cause they again, don´t add night/day turns and wheather features on Forza 5

We have been waiting for these features since Forza 4.

The game suffered on reviews for the lack of it.

I´m sure they will deliver in 2015´s Forza 6

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Obscure_Observer1601d ago


Totally agree! Since the original Forza, people started to demand more and more.

They wanted damage in ALL cars like Forza. Real damage that impacts on performance, better IA, etc.

Now they want that annoying tire squeal to go away.

Pressure to both sides.

josephayal1601d ago

good news, but damn i'm salty about the limited features

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