Microsoft Wants to Fund Games to Own their IP; Denies Existence of Osaka Studio, Talks on New Games

Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer had quite a bit of information to share on what’s going on with the teams under his watchful eye today, and he seems to have changed his mind about a rather relevant detail: funding games in order to actually own their IP. He also denied the existence of the rumored (but never confirmed) Microsoft Game Studio in Osaka.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1415d ago

So he wishes he funded Titanfall so he could own the IP am I correct?

Ghost_of_Tsushima1415d ago

Wonder if he will fund Titanfall 2 then? I'd say he'll put up more than EA would offer.

loulou1415d ago

hmmm mattrick becomes head of xbox in 2010, the year the games dry up

Modi19841415d ago

Shenmue on the news lately! .. thats good :)

TomShoe1414d ago


I think that's one of the reasons Respawn went with EA, because they wanted to maintain control of their own IP.

I don't know if they'll stick with EA for the next iteration of Tfall, Zampella seemed pretty upset with the exclusivity twist when it came out.

ShinMaster1414d ago

They should be making their own games, creating new studios instead of paying for third-party exclusivity or "funding".

darthv721414d ago

Sounds allot like what sony did when they were starting out. You fund the studio in exchange for publishing rights and then ultimately the IP itself.

That isnt a bad thing unless you dont intend to do anything with the IP once its been obtained. Hopefully MS has been watching the success sony has had with this strategy and in turn makes something out of these IP's they help fund/buy.

GameNameFame1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

annnnddd why would EA or Respawn take up on this?

lol. EA can fund a game and expect two times the sale.Only way Titanfall 2 become exclusive is if MS pays for profit lost on PS4.

Since PS4 is beating Xbox One is sales, that profit lost is bigger. Well. you get the point. LOL. nope.

And buying an IP without a good studio? MS had Halo and lost Bungie. Look what happened. Massive drop in review score.

Now they are going from Gears IP with Epic to some no name poor track record studio called Black Tusk. LoL this is going to be worse than transition.

At least Sony keeps and buys studios on top of IP, MS is doing opposite. LOL

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Eonjay1415d ago

I think they contemplate too much on risk. I believe it was Phil who complemented Sony on their willingness to do experimental projects that other studios may find risky or outside of mass appeal. Hence Titanfall's appeal to people that play COD. I'm sure that a project actually funded by Microsoft such as Quantum Break will be a quality product though.

Kingthrash3601415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

true, thats a way of going about gettin great ip's. but they dont fund many games or devs. thos devs/ games have to be a proven success. quantum is made by a proven dev, gears/ halo are proven titles also..and the strategy works...hek even tf is made by proven devs so you can bet your ass ms will try to fund tf2..
the problem with this way of getting exclusive ip's is its too far in between...think the last years of the 360, nothing but halo,gears..and kinect games. and people were like man sony has new ips like tlou, puppeteer, and beyond 2 souls that hit last year..tlou taking goty here on n4g and other last NEW GREAT exclusive ip on the 360 was.....alan wake may 14, 2010. almost four years ago. lets hope no repeat of that bs.

truefan11415d ago

The battle to keep Titanfall exclusive will be interesting, but the ball will be in Respawn's court. Outside of this I love what I am hearing from Spencer, he is showing great interest in bringing quality games to XB1. As for the rumors, yea they kind of killed his announcements, but nothing to be ashamed of. Halo 2 if left alone, will bring back a lot of old players. The remaining games are going to be darn good as well. Keep up the good work MSFT, keep bringing the games.

DoubleM701414d ago

I can't be believe you got all those disagree about a hobby we love as gamers and enthusiast. We want the industry to keep growing and not get stagnated on one company. We truly need for all of these companies to do well. New IPs and bringing back old IPs is a good thing.

showtimefolks1415d ago


respawn own the IP(TitanFall)

They are with EA under partner's program meaning they own the IP. After the way activision kicked them out of the company and COD brand i don't see respawn giving up their freedom

just like i believe its a far gone conclusion than TitanFall will end up on ps4 in 12 months. Days of permanent 3rd party exclusives are dead


think about it for last 3 plus years MS haven't really released any exclusive besides the same sequels. So how can this guy say he wanted to fund games to own IP's

MS doesn't know what to do with Ip's

crackdown IP should be very valueable but not so much

Alan wake same thing

Fable again same issues

Besides halo,gears and forza MS really doesn't know what to do with IP's

UnHoly_One1414d ago

"Just like i believe its a far gone conclusion than TitanFall will end up on ps4 in 12 months."

You realize they announced that isn't happening, right?

JEECE1414d ago

Man, Alan Wake was so good. I hate that you are right, and they aren't doing anything with that IP. If they aren't going to use it, I'd like to see a third party buy it.

showtimefolks1414d ago


talk to me when ps4's install base could reach 15-20 million within first year and half. I will see it to believe it that EA/Respawn are willing to let that big piece of pie slide

come_bom1415d ago

"Microsoft Wants to Fund Games to Own their IP"

Smart move. Sony does the same thing. Microsoft should learn a few things from Sony. They fund 2nd/3rd party games and stay with the IP.

Prime1571415d ago

That is the basic principle of ms... control.

Ownership implies control. I've hated that since windows 3.0.

Be wary of the rumored disc-less x1.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1414d ago

I'd put money on not seeing any Titanfall games on PS this gen.

3-4-51414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Is he saying " Microsoft wants to own all the IP's, or that they are trying to make it easier for Dev's to own THEIR own IP's ?

It's worded oddly.

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XiSasukeUchiha1415d ago

Wished to fund some games be proud!

AngelicIceDiamond1415d ago

"Probably a change from the past but I’m more in favor of funding our games. I like growing base of owned IP."

And with that being said that's why Sony has some of the best exclusives of all time.

I'm sure he'll shape up MS game Studio's this gen.

I'm glad fans are hammering down MS this gen and making sure they don't pull off with what they did in the latter half of 360.

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bobsmith1415d ago

this where xbox live money goes toward making games like titanfall exclusive
ps plus goes towards giving tons of new free games, ill go with ps4...

AceBlazer131415d ago

Or just create your own? But hey that's just me.

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