Microsoft offers $100 for your PS3 VS the snappy comeback of Sony folk

If you look at it objectively it is hard not to be amused by how Microsoft and Sony&# 160;duke it out in public. But at least for one minute let’s bury the hateful hatchet and have a laugh, this time at the expense of Microsoft and in my opinion the poor show of strategy with for their latest direct marketing campaign.

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NeoTribe1510d ago

Ps4 is just the better deal, even with 100 off. Sell ps3 and get ps4 for 300. Better games, better hardware, and better online service. Fact.

BG115791510d ago

Or keep my PS3 and wait for a price drop for either of the next gen console (preferably PS4 in my case)

As I said before, my PS3 still has more gameplay value than a PS4, Xbone and WiiU put together.

gamer78041510d ago

While I agree ps4 is more graphically capable, xb1 for me has far better games right now.

asyouburn1510d ago

Yeah, maybe, but those are just launch titles. That's like saying ps2 had no games cuz fantavision sucked

gamer78041510d ago

Agreed asyouburn, ps4has a bright future, looking forward to the order myself

joab7771510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Microsoft REALLY didnt think this one through. At the very least offer $150 so u r not highlighting the fact that u cost $100 more.

Lets see here. I hav 2 choices keep my ps3 and buy a superior machine for $400 or switch brands, trade in my ps3 and still pay $400 for the xbox one? Very bad marketing.

ShinnokDrako1510d ago

I got the better console and i kept my PS3 for the great games that are coming (and those i still have to finish). No thanks M$, keep your weak console ;)

Hicken1510d ago

I'm just not understanding how anyone can think this a great or even good deal. Obviously, any last-gen console will have a larger library. And if you DON'T trade your PS3, you can still save $100 by just getting a PS4 instead. And I'm pretty sure the PS3 has more exclusives coming up this year than the XB1(or PS4).

The only way this works is if you don't really want your PS3 and really want an XB1, anyway. That's the ONLY scenario in which this promotion makes sense.

SwordandShield1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Agreed and this is an especially bad deal if you are a Plus member. That alone makes your PS3 worth way more than $100.

iiwii1510d ago

That's what I was about to say. You gain more than $100 value in free games on the PS3 by being a Plus member. So buy the PS4 and Plus, get better hardware for only $400 and still get free games for BOTH systems. Win - Win.

MasterofMagnetism1510d ago

Yeah no thanks MS. My PS3 still has tons of life left and is worth way more than $100.