League of Legends Season 4: Top 10 Weakest Champions

In League of Legends each Season determinates the power level of all champions. Riot Games performs regular updates and bug fixes to secure the most balanced gameplay possible. This means that champions’ supremacy in the battlefields of justice is unstable overtime, their ascendance can occur as quickly as their breakdown. Do you remember when pros used to pick Miss Fortune all the time during Season 3? Well, things have changed. Now, in Season 4 Jinx and Lucian are the most preferred AD carries all over the world. However, some characters are not as fortunate and they’ve rarely picked due to their lack of hegemony. Find out about which champions are the weakest this season.

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Capt-FuzzyPants1574d ago

I don't know I feel like Fiora will be big again soon. I'm told she will be good in the jungle just like Wukong now.