Phil Spencer: Next Gears of War Probably Third Person, but Black Tusk's IP "Paused" For Right Time

Microsoft Game Studios head honcho Phil Spencer is probably the person that best know what’s going on with the the next Gears of War on Xbox One, and with the studio working on it, Black Tusk. Today he gave more details on the whole issue.

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-Foxtrot1626d ago

Probably...why would he think they would change that

God imagine a first person Gears shooter

Abriael1626d ago

The dude he responded to mentioned a strategy title. That made me shudder.

ShugaCane1626d ago

Hey how about a party game lol

minimur121626d ago

How about you play with marcus and the crew with your kinect camera?


loulou1626d ago

lol trolling twitter for click bait.

not only that, just regurgitated from another thread 5 threads down from this gem..

@Abriael, honestly, how many hits a day do you get from n4g? be truthful now.

compared to how many that are not lured in by your clickbait twitter trolls??

erathaol1626d ago

Its hard to say how this news is supposed to be taken. I've voiced my concerns as far as the directions left for the Gears of War franchise, which is almost none, excluding some heavily cliche' scenarios.

Than you have the unique IP getting "Paused" which is never a good sign for creative flow. As it stalls good ideas from pouring into one game and getting moved into another. Once you go back to that other game, it feels like a burden.

I will say on the positive side they will at least get more experience working with the architecture of the Xbox One, as the basic Gears of War mechanics are already there to emulate and improve upon.

H0RSE1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

The GoW universe could work as a strategy title. It could be like Halo Wars - it was *a" Halo game but not the *the* Halo game - the same philosophy could apply here.

I would honestly like to see the next Gears focus on class-based team objective gameplay, and when I say "objective" I don't mean hold the point of capture the flag... I mean like like a series of objectives that lead to win, with different classes/abilities need for different objectives, like disable the sentries, breach the gate, acquire the data, move to extraction point.

- at least one gamemode focused on this would make me happy.

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AngelicIceDiamond1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

The story is gone or not loading for whatever reason but I have it here.

Basically the project isn't scrapped but on hold that some good news.

Abriael1626d ago

it's fixed now, wonder what happened.

minimur121626d ago

Lmao, so much for it being a tech demo like they said :)

So, its kinda interesting that they're going back to develop their old game, and that, so in theory saying that their games take 2 years to complete, we won't see another GoW until 2020, unless if course MS give the game to another dev.... Or let black tusk actually dev their game or sanction them to GoW until the unforseen future lmao

Mr Pumblechook1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Xbox 180.

* First Microsoft introduce Black Tusk's new game at E3 as a fantastic new franchise - and it does look good!

* Then Microsoft say they've recently bought the rights for Gears of War and Black Tusk have been assigned to work on it.

* Gamers have questions but Spencer says Black Tusk's new IP was just a tech demo! This surprises fans and disappoints BT staff who feel that over a year of work has been undermined and insulted.

* Spencer reacts (again) to gamer feedback and says the IP is just paused.

Obviously a new Gears for Microsoft is important however stopping a development team's work to work on the franchise seems wrong. It demonstrates that MS do not think new IP are important because they are not a sure thing, and that they would rather rest on past successes. But it is only when a hardware/publisher takes risks that the industry moves forward. 'Pausing' /putting on the back-burner /killing off Black Tusk's work is a worrying sign of how Microsoft will approach this generation. They are so focused on dollar signs and beating their competitor they are forgetting about the importance of creative success.

TomShoe1626d ago

Creative success is how Sony eventually came back last gen. They took risks on new IPs and projects that were a little out there.

That's why we get games like Tearaway, Journey, The Last of Us, etc.

There's nothing wrong with pumping out a new Gears/Halo/Forza every year, but it has to get stale eventually.

n4rc1626d ago

Can't read the article on my phone for some reason.. But he didnt say BT was just working on a tech demo..

That trailer was a tech demo.. Doesn't mean the IP they were working on didn't exist

lifeisgamesok1626d ago

It better be third person it's Gears

No 1st person we got Halo for that

As for the other Black Tusk project develop it afterwards

4ShotKing1626d ago

A Gears of War strategy game could work, like Halo Wars. I reckon they could crossover Gears and Halo in a strategy game, that would be awesome!

IRetrouk1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

You take you're halo and you take you're strategy and you gtfo, leave gears alone lol it needs refined not changed.

Walker1626d ago

Probably ? First Person Possible ?

hello121626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

First person gears. No because Gears has a unique movement that no other game on console or PC has.


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