What Are Your Favorite Silent Hill Memories?

IGN: "15 years ago today, Konami released Silent Hill. With nine games and two movies, the franchise has become a phenomenon that survival horror fanatics love to play when they're home alone. Originally released for the PlayStation, Silent Hill had you play as an "everyman" searching for his daughter through the fog-filled town of Silent Hill."

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PaleMoonDeath1360d ago

Silent Hill 2, the moment I found the flash light, what was a breathe of fresh air, quickly scared the shit out of me literally a second later.

thereapersson1360d ago

"Huh? Radio? What's going on with that radio?"


The time you first enter the sewers... That was damn scary. Walking in the prison in Silent Hill 2; exploring the alleys of SH 1; the first time you enter the nightmare school; I could go on and on...

Lord_Sloth1360d ago

Silent Hill 2. The flaming staircase. To this day that remains 1 of the saddest and emotional scenes ever. I didn't give a rats ass about Marie or Maria. It was all about Angela for me and I played through that game so many times just to try everything at that scene...

Even thinking about it upsets me.

creeping judas1360d ago

Air raid sirens, to this day when ever I hear one, it brings me back to SH.

SolidGear31360d ago

Silent Hill 3: When it looks like the walls or bleeding or when it's insinuated that you maybe seeing monsters but killing everyday people

Pozzle1360d ago

"They look like monsters to you?"

Ultraplayerxp1360d ago

Silent Hill. Chasing after Cheryl.

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