Gears of War Dev: "Lots of Different Ways" to Express Franchise "We'll take it Further" Than First 3

Rod Fergusson is one of the historical creators of the Gears of War franchise, having worked as a Producer at Epic while the prized IP was growing up, and now he's the new Studio Manager at Black Tusk Studios, where he'll work on the franchise again. He's also definitely confident in what the studio is planning for the future of Xbox One.

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-Foxtrot1630d ago

Long as it's not a prequel I'm fine...

lifeisgamesok1630d ago

As long as it keeps the third person shooter form and adds the dark almost horror-like vibe of the 1st gears it'll be incredible

WildArmed1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I agree, I enjoyed Gears 1-3, but not the prequel.

Give it a timeskip, and a new twist. I'd be fine w/ that.
Or I'd be even fine w/ a civil war where they start exploiting biochemical weapons to create monster soldiers (just an excuse to bring in the famous Gears enemies back).

Idk, i'm no game design, I'm sure they'll think of something awesome.

I'd be interested to see if they can do something open world kinda like darksiders. The sky is the limit..
maybe i should say, the "cloud" is the limit. hehe

DragonKnight1630d ago

You know a prequel is coming right? It's like a de facto choice these days.

mhunterjr1630d ago

With the way gears 3 ended, I would think prequel or concurrent story would be the only way to go...

I don't think judgment was bad BECAUSE it was a prequel... it was just a bland game.

I wouldn't mind playing through the pendulum wars, leading up to an E-day finale.

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AngelicIceDiamond1630d ago

"We'll take it Further" Than First 3

And let the hype train roll!

DjKiba1630d ago

lol like to the Xbox One? I'd be mad if they didn't do anything with it. something "next-gen"

alien6261630d ago

in other words since its in M$ hands now "milk it"

georgeenoob1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

By that logic, Sony's milking Uncharted and Killzone.

LOGICWINS1630d ago

@DjKiba and alien626- Why do u people even come here lol?

DjKiba1630d ago

I'm confused. I'm just saying I'm hoping they actually do something with it. I didn't even touch judgement. I bought the gears of war 3 bundle. Beautiful!

DjKiba1630d ago

where else can they go with the story?

-Foxtrot1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Is it though, not really a game I expect space stuff from, that quote works best for Halo, the universe is big they'll never run out of ideas, with Geare though its all up in the air at the minute

I'd prefer it if the Locust invaded Sera from there own planet where they would find out that they never evolved from Sera, the locust there were just descendents from a bunch of locusts stranded on the planet thousands of years ago and their own planet forgot about them....untill now

terminallyCapricious1629d ago

I think a great place for the story to go would to throw some back story into the pre-sera government and talk about a human expansion from earth and the rapid growth of the human empire. Then the whole gears trilogy happens. Then cogs start to reclaim sera and spread out around other planets. Then cross paths with a subhuman-locust empire (that could explain why the locusts queen looked human with locusts skin tone) and start another war based on new characters fighting against the new human/locust empire while being backed by the new sera government and original human space empire.

lets_go_gunners1630d ago

We won't see it till 2016 so no point in speculating but I just want to. Will it continue on Sera? Will it be a prequel or sequel? I imagine as it is a next gen Gears it won't follow the previous cast. Will we get a new enemy? Will they address that the first trilogy happened?

Gabenbrah1630d ago

I'd love to see an open world Gears game, put more emphasis of tactical 3rd person gameplay, survival and most importantly, horror.

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