Is Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition a Red Flag for Next-gen? writes: "Tomb Raider released last March, to much hype and critical acclaim. While we are still two months away from the games one year anniversary the gaming industry has changed. We have two new consoles that are not backwards compatible and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition has been released."

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OrangePowerz1626d ago

There is a difference between the HD re releases and Tomb Raider for next gen, on of them being that there wasn't that much time between the original release and the next gen release, not like they have released the next gen version at the same time.

Got the game and enjoy it since I missed out on the previous release altough I could have boight it for my PC cheaper. I do think aomething like yhe upgrade plan would have been nice, but than again how do you do that 10 months later?

UltimateMaster1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Tomb Raider is a great game.
However, I don't see myself buying this game again at 60$.
Kinda wish there was a 10$ upgrade like there was on other PS4 games.

WildArmed1626d ago

It's tricky. I'm somewhat OK w/ publishers doing this to offset their engine optimizations costs.

Their engines from PS3/360 days don't work anymore, so one way to properly invest into an engine is to just rework a game that already has all the other resources complete.

But I do not know if this was indeed the case.

PersonMan1626d ago

Yeah, but Tomb Raider was also on PC so it wasn't just a PS3/360 engine. It was most likely a fairly easy port from PC to PS4 with some slight enhancements.

FACTUAL evidence1626d ago

No, A red flag for square enix.

Shad0wRunner1626d ago

I dont see the problem, TBH. DE was made for the PS4, as a next gen title. SE said several times, this wasnt a port or an HD remake or a polished version of the original. Yet...noone has listened.

SE has done the same for Final Fantasy XIV ARR. The same exact game for PS3, has been redone for PS4 and will be out by April, selling at the same retail prices as the PS3 version. Again...I dont see the problem.

If price is the problem...simply dont buy it for next gen and stay with your PS3 version.

I bought the DE PS4 version of Tomb Raider...and I love it. Looks great. Great game, too. Then again, I never bought the PS3 version.

jacksjus1626d ago

I agree 100%. They came clean about what it was and the choice is yours to make.

Locknuts1626d ago

Whoops, I meant to disagree.

PersonMan1626d ago

Hah! How can you say it's not a polished version of the original? Are you suggesting that they started over from scratch and designed it for the PS4 from the ground up?

Of course it's a polished version of the original. It was a port with a few graphical enhancements. It's not worth $60 in my opinion.

I bought it because of the hype and I thought it truly was going to be a different experience due to the massive improvements in visuals, but once I started playing it, I realized that the improvements weren't as huge as I'd hoped for and I'm getting the same experience I had on the PS3 version.

I was suckered into paying $60 for the same exact game I already had just because I wanted to see it in 1080p.

This is exactly the reason that resolution doesn't matter to me. A game can be amazing at 720p. Playing Tomb Raider at 1080p doesn't make it a better experience.

romemac71625d ago


Final Fantasy XIV ARR is free for ps4 gamer who bought it on ps3.

Shad0wRunner1625d ago

Yes, but if you didnt buy it on will have to pay full retail for it on PS4.

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Section81626d ago

The PS4 needs more of these. I'd rather have the actual game than stream some crap through the internet ether.

Remy_S1626d ago

I'm lovin' Tomb Raider on PS4 at the moment; never played it last year so its a pleasant surprise. I believe they spruced it up enough to warrant a purchase, though it probably shouldn't be more than $40. I don't see the release of this game as a red flag, every time a console launches, there will be a draught period with little to nothing to play, so ports of games brought in from other platforms isn't unusual, and as time goes on we will see less and less of these ports and more games that are strictly developed for next gen.


Hey Remy I totally agree with you about the price. I wrote this because I saw the price tag of the game and spit out my mountain dew... in the store >.< But seriously I feel that perhaps a little more "extra content" like some new parts of the island or new tombs would've been nice. I still think it is a great game! Hope you're enjoying it!

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