More Than 14 New Characters Coming To Smash Bros. 4?

I’ve never been much of a snooper on websites, but today, I think I’ve come across something very interesting that might just be true. 14 characters coming to Smash Bros.? It could always be true. This article talks about the possibility of it coming that might even be true.

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SpiralTear1446d ago

Not sure what to think about how the article backs up its claims, but more characters is hardly something to complain about, especially if those supposed leaks of Ridley and other brand-new combatants hold up.

We'll see what happens up till prime time.

ABizzel11446d ago

I don't see how they got "at least 14 characters". It should be "at most 14 characters".

There's a potential for 14 blank spots, but there's also a chance that those spots could take up 3 spaces like all the other new characters.

wonderfulmonkeyman1446d ago

The thing about those "spots", though, is that the character images could always be shrunk down to create more of them.
Or the menu could be changed to a slide bar/ring system that doesn't pack all of the icons into it at the same time, and you'd just need to push a direction to scroll through all the available fighters.

It's still in development, after all, so doing it that way is possible if they decide to expand the roster...

admiralvic1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

This article reminds me of those Half Life 3 jokes. The ones where people take various random things and then claim that Half Life 3 is confirmed. I say this because I assumed the author was an... and had to try it out.

What happened? As I suspected, the author either wanted to troll or was so hyped by their discovery that they quickly jumped to a conclusion.

You see, THAT is how CHROME zooms out and nothing more. When zooming out with Safari, you have 6 empty spaces and Firefox gives you 4. I assume different browsers will yield other results, which people are welcome to try.

Anyway, the fact this got posted without testing another browser shows me how much "research" went into this post. Needless to say, I won't be going back to or looking at AlwaysNintendo again.

whyhello01445d ago

That's a thing? Safari is not really that great of a browser but certainly better than IE.

3-4-51445d ago

More Characters almost always = more replay value.

I already count 12 characters I'll probably use a bit from the list so far.

At this point, Nintendo should just go all out on a few games and cram a ton of content in.

whyhello01445d ago

More is always fun but Nintendo needs to make a new IP although even if 3d world was a good game. We need something fresh Nintendo. I heard about some rumors about a new IP maybe they can add those characters in smash bros but not likely. Also this game probably will have less characters then brawl cause quality and plus there's even a a link between worlds level with that painting stuff. Which is amazing the fact they redrew their characters in painting form and put it on the level.

DryBoneKoopa851446d ago

With the possibility for Nintendo to take use of DLC this Gen. There is always the chance new packs could come out with more characters, modes, and levels to be introduced down the line. More is ALWAYS better!

TotalSynthesisX1446d ago

Sakurai has already said that he has no plans to develop DLC for Smash 4. Which sucks. A lot.

DryBoneKoopa851445d ago

Well that sucks. ANOTHER thing Nintendo needs to fix in there laundry list of things. Nintendo has the power to do DLC but instead ignore the possibility. Oh well maybe they will change there mind. At least I hope so. I would love for this one to become the ULTIMATE Smash game ever!

SpiralTear1445d ago

I don't see why DLC is necessary. I'd rather have a complete game when I buy it, and besides, Smash Brothers games have always been known for their huge amount of unlockable content.

I don't think the DLC issue needs to be "fixed."

jelani4351446d ago

Thanks for all the feedback on the article guys! I think it would be at MOST 14 because if Nintendo only gave us 3 new characters, there would be a riot. LOL

whyhello01445d ago

Probably cause 22 characters now when brawl had 30+ is kind of a downgrade. Well maybe they are focusing quality over quantity and that 3ds version too. But we will probably see more characters though.

BerfMagoon1445d ago

I'd be happy with 1 - 2 characters from a new franchise.

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mii-gamer1446d ago

So the whole article is based on nothing.... SMH

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