Sony Starts Sending PlayStation Now Voucher Codes For Beta Participants

GearNuke: "If you have signed yourself up for the PlayStation Now Beta, and have gotten an email confirming your acceptance in the Beta earlier this week, you should be getting your voucher code soon."

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Snookies121630d ago

Ya know, if anyone doesn't want theirs... I'll be glad to take it off your hands. :D

MegaRay1630d ago

How much will you offer? Anything less than 250 USD is rejected

Snookies121630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Lol, hey I'm doing a service to people who don't want to be burdened testing out an awesome new program... All free of charge, because I'm just such a kind gentleman. XD

ColeMacGrath1630d ago

I'll give you 250 cents, thank you very much.

Shadonic1630d ago

its for the PS3 so I dont really need it. Once it gets to PS4 I hope i get one.

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EBTpickle1630d ago

How strict are the NDA's? Can anyone say anything about the service?

GribbleGrunger1630d ago

I'm hoping they can't to be honest. People often forget what betas are for and the last thing Sony would want circling the net is that PSNow doesn't work very well.

FamilyGuy1630d ago

I haven't gotten my code yet but I couldn't give a squirt of p122 about a NDA lol
And I'm sure many others don't care either.

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