PS Vita Sales Skyrocketed in UK Following PS4 Launch

Mark Reece reports: "The PS Vita might not have been setting any sales records since its launch in the UK nearly two years ago, but the number of units being sold has shot up by a staggering 163% following the launch of the PlayStation 4, according to Managing Director of Sony UK & Ireland, Fergal Gara."

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Snookies121630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Yep, its sales will only continue to increase as the slim Vita is rolled out in other parts of the world. Not to mention as PS4 sales increase, considering the Vita is such a great companion device it'll become more desirable for those that own the PS4. It's got some great exclusives already, and as it sells more and more units, the promise of even more future exclusives is greatly improved.

Kivespussi1629d ago

This gen has just started so not many people have PS4 yet. I think vita will sell wery well in the next few years. I'm also buying it when I get my PS4. PS4 + Vita bundle would be awesome and I'm waiting a while for that to happen. If not I'll just buy them separately

DjKiba1630d ago

man I love my PS Vita from Day 1. Day 1 as in the day i bought it. I was a big hesitant but no regrets. so many games and playing my old favorites from PS1 era and some PSP titles.

Gabenbrah1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Considering the VITA only sold 2300 units last week in the UK last week, that's not exactly great sales.

xazingop1630d ago

Ps vita sold 21.000 units last week in the japan.Ps vita more popular at

AKissFromDaddy1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I've never check out VGChartz because I read about the inaccuracies from other commentators until now. If this is true, it isn't a jump to me, however, "168% of following the launch of the PlayStation 4" is what Sony is referring too. Its not for the week. Its the PSVitas from November 29, 2013, Playstation 4 release date in UK, to now. So that's the 168% increase Sony is referring too.

Still, I'd prefer actual numbers over percentages.

Hicken1630d ago

Well, it could always be back down at whatever it was. I imagine that would make you happier, huh?

AKissFromDaddy1630d ago

C'mon Sony. Use numbers.

I dislike this representation of sales with percentages. Personally, I can't understand how good 163% means without a number to base it off. Just sharing.

PoSTedUP1629d ago

its not hard: psvita was selling poor, so 168% more than poor would be "not great". any ammount of jump is good tho. once the vita slim comes out, all they need to do is mention the remote play in a ps4 commercial and it will start selling a lot better. i mean, they spent a lot of money on a commercial that doesnt mention any of the great things that the ps4 does; just take three friggin seconds to mention remote play, even if its just three friggin words: ps4: games: anywhere! and show a pic of the vita with CODghosts screenshot, its not hard!!

sorry for the rant, got myself a little worked up. i just wanna se the vita succeed, i love it too much.

AKissFromDaddy1629d ago

Understood. I also want it to sell well.

Fixay1629d ago

I had a launch day vita but sold it a few weeks later and last night finally ordered a new one! ShopTo's deal was just too good haha but I really do hope the vita succeeds. Especially now it has PS+ and some really good games on the instant game collection practically for free

If your on the fence on buying a vita checkout the 139.99 bundle deal on ShopTo

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