Nintendo offers a vague, confusing, unfocused vision for its future

The briefing Nintendo President Satoru Iwata gave at Tokyo's New Otani hotel on Thursday was a wide-ranging affair, outlining a broad vision for Nintendo's future in the short and longer term. The presentation was full of interesting ideas, living up to previous hints from Iwata that a "new business structure" might be necessary for the company. Still, the lack of details or a specific focus to the remarks left us with the impression of a company that's throwing everything at the wall in a desperate attempt to find something new that will stick with consumers.

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dedicatedtogamers1662d ago

I don't think it was vague, confusion, nor unfocused at all. In fact, I am cautiously optimistic about what I'm hearing. The only reason why it sounded a bit vague is because Nintendo couldn't come out and plainly say "The Wii-U is a dismal failure right now".

But the phrases Iwata is using and the things he is talking about are identical to his Heart of the Gamer speeches from back in 2005. The things he is saying are identical to what he was saying prior to the Wii launching. Specificall, Iwata is mentioning Blue Ocean a lot, which he hasn't said in a very long while, whilch makes sense considering 3DS and Wii-U are both Red Ocean products. If Iwata and his comrades at Nintendo are serious about going Blue Ocean again, I'd be thrilled. They made a ton of fantastic games (and a ton of money) with that strategy.

LKHGFDSA1662d ago

They don't need to come out and say the Wii U is failing when the sales predictions went from 9.0mil to 2.8mil.

muffinbutton1662d ago

I thought they just stated that they sold 5.9 mill?

LKHGFDSA1662d ago

I really hope they have more than that up their sleeve.

Pillsbury11662d ago

They just need to put to use their unique ip's that no one else has.

LKHGFDSA1662d ago

I think making new ones would be even better.

cellur1111662d ago

Or at least new games from their old ip's instead of constant mario games.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1662d ago

or maybe the author just want to hear something only media understand. GO MOBILE LOL cry me a river

stragomccloud1662d ago

Are people every going to stop hating on Nintendo? Geez, I'm not even a console first gamer, but I keep having to defend Nintendo against all these stupid articles and misinformation.

LKHGFDSA1662d ago

we hate because we care.

wonderfulmonkeyman1662d ago

That's not caring.
Constructive criticism is caring.
Telling Nintendo to go mobile and other such bad ideas, is just idiocy, and this article is spinning its wheels in a pit of deep hater mud without getting anywhere.

BattleAxe1662d ago


C'mon dude, you're just entertaining squabble with yourself.

AsimLeonheart1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )


Why do you Nintendo fans get so sentimental and hyper when Nintendo is concerned. Nobody "hates" your beloved Nintendo. It is just a company that sells videogames for God's sake! Most of the "haters" only want to win their arguments against you guys who refuse to admit Nintendo's failures.
How is suggesting Nintendo to go mobile idiocy and hating when every business analyst is saying it? I dont know how gamers sitting at homes who lack even college degrees think they are smarter than people who are highly educated, have decades of business experience, are in respectable positions or are running whole companies.
Suggesting a course of action after criticising IS "constructive criticism". Nintendo appeals to mainly kids and kids are on the mobile platforms. You need to take the horse (Nintendo) to the lake (kids), you cannot bring the lake (kids) to the horse (Nintendo). Parents just buy their kids sub $200 tablets and $5 games instead of $300/$400/$500 dollar consoles and $60 games. They have a cheaper option unlike the old days when the only option was to buy a console/handheld or PC for your kid if he wanted to play games. If Nintendo needs to appeal to kids with their usual colorful games then it needs to go mobile where the kids are and if it wants to appeal to the mainstream gamers (teenagers and adults) then it needs to grow up and make games that gamers play these days. They cannot continue to wait for the kids to return to consoles one day and to not entertain the adult gamers at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.