Phil Spencer on Rare: "We'll spend time looking at all ideas" - Fans Launch #rarenext Campaign

GearNuke: "Rare has got plenty of classics IPs that rarely saw the light of day on the Xbox platform, ever since its acquisition by Microsoft. Now it seems like fans of Rare are starting a twitter campaign to get the attention of Microsoft's Phil Spencer, and to give him ideas for potential next project of Rare."

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AutoCad1633d ago

Either of those 3 games will be good for me.

jimbobwahey1633d ago

According to ex-employees, Rare have tried making a lot of the games that fans ask for but the projects always get shut down by Microsoft management (Phil Spencer).

B-radical1633d ago

Phil gets told by the bigger guys what to do though. He is doing a good job atm tho.

AngelicIceDiamond1633d ago

@Jim To focus on Kinect projects instead. And who's bright idea was it to pitch Kinect in every E3? Don freakin Mattrick.

Kinect had to be in most of MS games and turning Rare into a casual Kinect making studio...

Now that hes gone they can get focused on the games that Rare fans ACTUALLY want.

truefan11633d ago

Heck yea, GOOD JOB to those fans, be vocal about what you want. This is going to be a great generation for the XB1. I agree bring on all 3, especially Perfect Dark one of the two original (Goldeneye is the other) fps games.

Volkama1632d ago

The original FPS? Not even remotely close...

Goldeneye sure was good at the time though.

DigitalRaptor1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Can tell you're a new school gamer, when you call GoldenEye and Perfect Dark the two "original FPS games".

I mean are you for real?? How old are you? Coming from the same guy that called Titanfall innovative for having things you PERSONALLY have never seen in games before. SMH. Do your research.

christocolus1633d ago


Same here, but i'd like to see a return of kameo and an all new adventure game from them too.

Freak of Nature1633d ago

Banjo and kazooie, Conker, jet force gemini, kameo 2 would be nice.

The wait has been like a life time, games like the one's above the next **Oddworld** game, a new **Dark cloud**, the next **legend of dragoon**, A **Medievil** sequel, another **Crash** return, dare I say it....**The last guardian**...

Many of the quirky toon based games for the most part that stood out in the past are lost, at least up to now... All these games I have waited for and waited for, lucky I have not been holding my breath...

But, hope burns eternal...

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OpieWinston1633d ago


But X1 NEEDS a nice Comical game...Give us Conker.

weekev151633d ago

It would make me need an x1.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1632d ago

sorry but these franchises aren't going back old days quality

Neoninja1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Man I forgot about Jet Force Gemini. That brings back some good memories. Would love to see a full remake or sequel to it. I would love to see Battletoads,Grabbed by the Ghoulies, another Conker and of coarse a true Banjo game.

SLUG1633d ago

yes make it happen MS

Automatic791633d ago

Perfect Dark or Conker's bad fur day.

-Foxtrot1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Banjo-Threeie...thats what we need

"But what about Nuts and Bolts"



Get out

I'm sure in Kazooie humour she can write it off as a bad dream

"Whats wrong Kazooie"

"I've just had this horrible dream where we were in a bad sequel and it involved blue prints, vehicles and we always had a time limit on collecting Jiggies"

Something like that

CyrusLemont1632d ago

Yes, yes and yes. BK1&2 were such a big part of my childhood, I really hate that Microsoft has such an awesome franchise in their hands and they haven't done squat with it. Nuts and Bolts was okay, but it wasn't a true BK sequel, it was more like Crash/Mario Kart-esque type of game. I didn't like the whole fourth wall thing where they knew they were in a game world as well.

I miss the adventure and what the different types of themed worlds were going to look like and have; What new moves you could learn, the iconic characters, crazy missions, secret easter eggs (The island in treasure trove cove with the egg, or Mumbo with the ice key at the end) etc. etc. not to mention the freaking awesome giant hub worlds full of its own secrets and missions, like the dragon kazooie you could unlock. ARGH, DAMN YOU MICROSOFT!

There was a charm in those late 90s/early 2000s games that you just can't find in modern games. They're all so sombre these days.

Dude, you should check out this game called A Hat In Time. It looks like enough to tide me over until Microsoft figure out just what the hell they're doing with the ownership of such an amazing franchise. They've hardly done anything with it, so I hope they sell it off to Nintendo or Sony or someone who will actually do a damn thing with it.

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