Remote play on the Xbox One

Remote play, it’s on the PS4 it’s on the Wii, it’s even on the PC with Nvidia’s Shield. But where is it on the Xbox One?

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Eonjay1628d ago

I'm not sure if they want to do that but there is always smart glass right? Not sure it would be the same without buttons though.

9mmPreacher1628d ago

Some grammar issues with your post. I'll approve it when you fix those.

NeoTribe1628d ago

Right, because everyone is here to please you. Bring your grammar happy a$$ somewhere else.

9mmPreacher1627d ago

Ill bring my happy approval somewhere else if you can't write an article grammatically.

XtraTrstrL1628d ago

"The ability to ‘snap’ any app to the side of the screen on the Xbox One is a nice feature, but it doesn’t give that true away from the TV playability."

What in the high hell is this guy even babbling about? How is snapping apps to the side anywhere near comparable to remote play?

"but it doesn't give that true away from the TV playability."

It doesn't give any "away from the TV playability." And it's apps you're talking about snapping to the side, not even games, so it's no playability at all.

LimeyGeeza1628d ago

The point is that you can play a game while the TV is doing something else as well, you can watch TV and play a game when TV is in snap mode.

Fundamentally that's what remote play does as well, except you are doing it on a different device, away from the TV, it's different sure, but comparable.

adorie1628d ago

Fundamentally wrong.
Remote Play is basically a game's data streaming from your PS4/home network to your PlayStation device: PlayStation Vita.

Remote PLAY!

KwietStorm1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

That is not what remote play, or any kind of remote access is, at all. It's quite obviously local and on-board, not remote.

GribbleGrunger1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

LOL. What? That's not remotely correct.

FamilyGuy1628d ago

Lmao, Snap = picture-in-picture, that's all it really is.

Remote play and remote access = Accessing your computer or game consoles information without doing it locally. Without having to sit in front of that device or be anywhere near it yet still have access to its content.

The closest thing MS could have had to this was using their cloud to access all the games you own from a friend or anyone elses system that you logged in to. I think they 180'd that feature though to some degree.

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Gamingcapacity1628d ago

I agree with xtra. You're comparing apples and oranges. Snapping TV and a game to the same screen isn't anything like remote play. A vague comparison, yes, but the 2 shouldn't be compared.

LimeyGeeza1628d ago

I understand where you are both coming from, and in no way is snapping an app the same as remote play, and that's not the comparison that is being made here.

The comparison is, and I believe that most will agree that when you use remote play, it's when the TV is being used for something else, it just so happens you can watch TV and play games on the same screen with the Xbox One, that's the only comparison being made here.

FunAndGun1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )


But you can remote play without the TV being on at all. I use remote play when laying in bed in the other room while the TV my PS4 is connected to is not even on.

You can remote play without having a TV at all.

Gamingcapacity1628d ago

I see where you're coming from Limey.

xxShadow-Shockxx1627d ago

What is everyone going crazy about, snap has been done before on tv's I remember playing playstation 3 while my brother played his wii on the same tv. All it is is two pictures on the same screen.

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aerisbueller1628d ago

yeah, wii-u's touch screen is a nice feature, but it doesn't give that true blu-ray movie playback experience.

Gabenbrah1628d ago

Feature is pointless to me, only remote play that's actually worthwhile is the Wii U version, as it doesn't require an Internet connection and it's portable.

JohnnyTower1628d ago

Good luck turning the corner with the Wii u pad. They should have made it much more portable. The signal is very limited. Huge flaw in My opinion.

KrisButtar1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I agree the feature is pointless in all cases. Nvidia’s Shield requires the internet for remote play because I know the Vita and WiiU don't?

Hicken1628d ago

Of course it's pointless to you. It's not something Microsoft is promoting, after all. Only reason the Wii U's version(which isn't remote play at all, honestly), is because it's something that isn't Sony, but is similar enough to what Sony does.

And weren't you one of the many people on this site talking about how everybody has internet now, and how nobody buying a next gen console wouldn't be using online? Odd how, now that it's some online gaming feature Microsoft has no hand in, an internet connection is a bad thing.

AntsPai1628d ago

You don't need an internet connection for PS4 - Vita remote play, please don't spread falsehoods as facts.

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