Gamers Announce "Warhawk Day" to Encourage Sony to Produce Warhawk 2 for PS4

Junkie Monkeys: If you love Warhawk, then you are going to love this cause created by a handful of gamers trying to persuade Sony to produce a Warhawk 2.

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XiSasukeUchiha1695d ago

Nice Warhawks 2 would be awesome

Treezy5041695d ago

I would love to play a sequel just like the first game on the PS4, hell I would like to play Warhawk on PlayStation Now if it's possible.

ITPython1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

They essentially tried Warhawk 2, and it was called Starhawk.

Long story short, the game was pretty awful. I loved Warhawk and it was my first ever online game, I still sport a Warhawk avatar which has been on my PSN account going on 7 years now. The game was absolutely ingenious for how simple it was.

But since Incognito split up into two different developers (LightBox Interactive, and Eat Sleep Play), LBI failed miserably to try and resurrect the Warhawk IP. And even though it was a 'spiritual successor' to Warhawk and not a true successor, it was the best they could do and it was absolutely terrible. Pretty much anything that could go wrong with a game, went wrong. And LBI made all the wrong moves.

I am pretty sure LBI is going to be shutting their doors (if it hasn't already happened), SH had absolutely pathetic sales and I doubt Sony would risk another game with them. Eat Sleep Play, the other half of Incognito, at least got about 700k sales with Twisted metal in 2012, whereas SH only got 250k.

I hate to say it, but the Warhawk series ended with Warhawk. Incognito is no more and Lightbox Interactive has proven they don't have what it takes to make a worthy sequel to Warhawk.

ABizzel11695d ago

I will be sure to be there. One of my most played games of last gen.

princejb1341695d ago


I hope is not the end of war hawk
I spend hours and hours on that game
I tried star hawk but to me it sucked
That built a base thing looks good on paper but just didn't work
It was almost impossible to get in the base
And the maps were pretty crappy as well as the robot(I prefer hover mode)

MikeGdaGod1695d ago

i would LOVE Warhawk 2

i'm not much of an online MP gamer, but when i got into the Warhawk beta i became obsessed with the game. it was so much fun and i had never experienced warfare on that scale with so many players.

it was amazing....please bring it to PS4

Rimeskeem1695d ago

Its like planetside 2 but 3rd person and different skin so yes it would be awesome

jocomat91695d ago

We need a Warhawk(2007) sequel. Everyone, post this to Santa Monica's twitter and Facebook, spread the word and show the want is enough!

The Feels man..the Feels

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M-M1695d ago

Dylan Jobe might be there too, Warhawk <3

maniacmayhem1695d ago

I remember playing the original Warhawk for the PS1 and I was blown away by it. Such a fantastic game, I barely played the sequel because of it's departure but I heard it was good.

I barely remember Starhawk though, I do remember the hype for the game but when released it quickly died.

Dark_king1695d ago

Starhawk was fun but ps3's Warhawk was just a blast it was perfectly balanced.I mean a expert foot solider was just as powerful as a tank are a warhawk. Pilots didn't have to be expert's to have fun in the warhawks but experts could own you.It was one of those games you just had fun playing even when you where out numbered.

I would love another but they better put the knife on the weapon wheel. Knife fights where just addictive crazy fun.


Oh the knife fights. To much fun! This is getting me all excited!
I think I'm going to go play now. My brother is already, having read this article. See you all on the battlefield. Newcomers are always welcome. Buy it! Its cheap now! Like REAL CHEAP!!!

theXtReMe11695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

The original game was incredible on the PS1. I would love a sequel. Hell, I just want any next gen flight combat game. War Thunder is OK, but I want something single player. Ace Combat, IL3, Airforce Delta, etc... I would even be happy with a PS4 port of the iOs flight combat games. We need to be able to use PC or PS3 force feedback flight sticks.

Godmars2901695d ago

And the games you're talking about are not the Warhawk anyone else is talking about. It is not the Warhawk of the article.

Though I'd love to see a GTA version of the PS1 Warhawk. GTA mechanics set in on a steampunk world.

Heisenburger1695d ago

Literally, figuratively speaking of course.

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